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Matador Norteño

Tequila , Modern Classics

A few drops of habanero tincture transform this sotol-and-pineapple cocktail—for the better.


Tequila , Modern Classics

At New York's County Restaurant, this spicy serrano-infused cocktail can be made with interchangeable base spirits like tequila or rye whiskey.


Monsoon Sangria

Modern Classics

Inspired by India’s monsoon season, this enticing blue Sangria marries white wine with chai tea and a wealth of fresh fruit.


The Bacchus

Liqueurs, Pisco , Modern Classics

Pisco is a natural partner for Concord grapes, which are muddled along with blackberries to create this frothy coupe.


Mezcal, Concord Grape, Citrus, Market Mint

Mezcal , Modern Classics

Mezcal and Concord grapes? The surprising duo create a smoky, fall-forward cocktail.


The Paper Plane

Bourbon / American Whiskey , Classics

A riff on the Last Word cocktail, the Paper Plane is pleasantly easy to remember thanks to its equal parts.


The Coco Chanel Martini

Vodka , Modern Classics

This two-ingredient take on the classic Martini is named for the fashion icon.


The Purple One

Gin , Martinis

This pleasantly purple gin cocktail features a fermented Concord grape soda from Bar Tartine made with local organic grape juice.


Amai Doku #2

Modern Classics

This soju cocktail’s name translates to “Sweet Poison #2.”

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