How to Cocktail

Learn how to make classic drinks the right way with these short tutorials.

Blind Tasting Notes

What do you get when you invite blindfolded participants to taste and describe strongly-flavored spirits? Some might say a kick in the mouth.

Whisk(e)y in :60

How is whiskey made? What are the different types? Is it spelled whiskey or whisky? Learn all about whiskey in under a minute with these simple video guides.

Tips & Tricks

Crafting well-made cocktails takes more than the right ingredients. Brian Means from Bay Area cocktail bar Dirty Habit demonstrates the proper technique for everything from muddling to shaking in this handy video series shot at Rye in San Francisco.

Truth Serum

In vino (and cocktails) veritas: Watch how easy it is to spill your deepest secrets sip, after sip, after sip.

"10" Lists

Watch these videos to learn how to pronounce 10 tongue-twisting spirits and learn 10 dos and don’ts of bar behavior from the experts: the people who actually work behind that bar.


The Draaanks video series pays homage to classic cocktails with “cocktail porn.”

More Videos

Learn to make delicious drinks from expert bartender Charlotte Voisey, and take a peek into the hard work and dedication that it takes to create a cocktail at famed San Francisco bar Bourbon & Branch.

From Our Partners

Bar Shift is a jetsetting program, sponsored by BACARDÍ® USA Inc, sending one professional bartender to a faraway city to work a shift at a top drinking destination.