Whiskey, also known as whisky, is as much a broad categorization of spirits as it is a spirit type. If you aren’t a whiskey enthusiast, you might be wondering what the difference is between whiskey and whisky, or what the deal is with whiskey vs. bourbon or scotch. One determinant between whiskey and whisky is where it is produced. Whiskey from Ireland and the United States is usually spelled with the “e.” Whisky from Scotland, Canada, Japan, and elsewhere is spelled without the “e.” So, regional grammar is why you’ll see Scotch Whisky but Irish Whiskey on the shelves. Most whiskey distillers use the plural form “whiskeys” to hint that they referring to whiskey; whereas whisky is usually pluralized as “whiskies.” The difference between types of whiskies like bourbon, rye, or scotch is a bit more complex. Along with country of origin, the type of whiskey or whisky is also determined by the grain used in the distillation process. Different grains produce different taste characteristics. Couple that with varying distillation methods by region and producer, and you get a wide range of flavors from sweet to spicy and from smooth to bold and smokey. Explore more about the types of whiskey below:

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