Swingers: Where Are They Now?
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It’s been almost 20 years since Swingers hit the silver screen to unexpected success and critical acclaim. It also helped launched the careers of a number of its cast members, including co-star Vince Vaughn.

The film, whose tagline was, naturally, “get a nightlife,” follows a group of Los Angeles hipsters as they navigate the city’s dating scene and look for acting work. It was, of course, inspired by many of the actors’ own real-life experiences.

So, no matter if you love this movie or are simply curious, find out what these actors and actresses are up to today. And remember, you’re money!

Jon Favreau, Mike

According to lore, Jon Favreau wrote the script for Swingers in a single weekend, but it took several years to get the movie made. While he’d been in Rudy, where he met Vince Vaughn, and PCU, where he met Alex Désert, Favreau was struggling to find work, which inspired him to write his own movie. It not only was a success but helped get his next film that he wrote and starred in, Made, green-lighted. While he’s had a successful career as an actor, Favreau’s also directed a number of huge films, including Elf, Iron Man and Cowboys & Aliens.

Heather Graham, Lorraine

Arguably, the biggest star in Swingers at the time of its release was Heather Graham, who already had many TV and film credits to her name. But no doubt the movie helped her take her career to the next level and land roles in Boogie Nights, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me and the first and third The Hangover films. She also had a recurring TV role on Scrubs and starred in the recent TV movie Flowers in the Attic. You can catch her this coming September alongside Selena Gomez and Mary-Louise Parker in the comedy Behaving Badly.

Deena Martin, Christy

While Deena Martin had a fairly brief role in the film, it was certainly memorable. We still remember her witty comeback to Jon Favreau’s Age of Enlightenment joke. Unfortunately, her acting career has been similarly small: She’s only had two film roles since Swingers, in Random Acts of Violence and Leaf

Katherine Kendall, Lisa

Swingers was only Katherine Kendall’s third film role, but she has gone on to appear in a range of TV shows and movies as varied as the original Beverly Hills, 90210 and sci-fi cult classic Firefly, as well as flicks Southland Tales and Down in the Valley.

Vince Vaughn, Trent

While Vince Vaughn is now a mega-star, Swingers was the actor’s breakout role and introduced him to movie fans around the country. His portrayal as Mike’s spontaneous and flirty friend “Double Down” Trent was the part of a lifetime. It led to appearances in  a string of big-time films, including Psycho, Zoolander, Old School, Starsky & HutchDodgeballAnchorman and Wedding Crashers. He’s teaming up with Will Ferrell in the forthcoming Daddy’s Home, currently in pre-production.

Ron Livingston, Rob

Since playing Mike’s friend Rob, Ron Livingston has gone on to appear in dozens of films, including Office Space, The Time Traveler’s Wife, Drinking Buddies and The Conjuring. He’s also had recurring roles on multiple hit television shows like the World War II miniseries Band of Brothers, HBO’s Sex and the City and Boardwalk Empire, and ABC’s The Practice. What’s next for him? Fort Bliss, a film about a single-mom Army medic returning from Afghanistan coming out later this year.

Patrick Van Horn, Sue

Patrick Van Horn hasn’t been in many films since he played the hot-headed Sue, though he did appear in Ivory Tower, Three to Tango and Pursuit of Happiness. His last appearance was in 2008’s Four Christmases.

Alex Désert, Charles

Alex Désert may have played a struggling actor, but since Swingers, he’s been working steadily in TV, including CBS’s Becker, Comedy Central’s Reno 911, Fox’s House M.D. and voicing comic-book hero Nick Fury in two different animated shows. Désert’s also done voice work for video games including the Tomb Raider and Saints Row series. Later this year, he’ll appear in the big-screen adaptation of kid-lit classic Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

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  1. Not to be “that” guy but Deena Martin’s character wasn’t the one with the witty comeback about Votaire. It was a waitress at some Diner.

  2. Voltaire.

  3. Uh, Brooke Langton?

  4. You don’t “still remember” any such thing. That was Stephanie Ittleson’s character. A far cry from Deena Martin.

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