Movie & TV Bars We Wish Existed
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From a bustling pub in Boston and a sleepy bowling-alley bar in Los Angeles to a sophisticated establishment in Morocco, some of the bars that we most want to visit sadly exist only on TV and in movies.

We’re sure we’re not alone. These days, it seems like most popular shows and films feature a watering hole where the characters go to enjoy a beer, Scotch or cocktail. So we decided to pick our 12 favorite fictional bars—and trust us, it was hard to narrow it down to just a dozen—that we’d like to visit in real life.

So fix yourself a drink and check out this gallery. It just might inspire a marathon viewing session.

What fictional bar would you add to the list? Tell us below in the comments!

Moe’s Tavern, The Simpsons

Pull up a stool and join Homer, Lenny, Carl and Barney for a pint of Duff Beer and a pickled egg at this Springfield bar. You’ll never know what owner Moe Szyslak is up to, or how he’ll reinvent the spot (family restaurant, British pub, gay bar). If you’re willing to make a trip to Orlando, you can check out Universal Studios’ real-life take on the bar and even order a Flaming Moe!

Cheers, Cheers

Between the ever-charming barman Sam Malone and saucy waitress Carla Tortelli, we can’t think of a better place to throw back a few brews in Boston. Fortunately, this bar “where everybody knows your name” is always open and can be easily found on cable. 

Essence, Parks & Recreation

When Tom Haverford took the guys to Essence to pep up Ben’s bachelor party, it didn’t go over as well as he hoped. Turns out Ron Swanson’s not a big fan of molecular mixologoy or Scotch hand lotion. We’d like to tag along and try the vodka in the form of a flashing light.

Paddy’s Pub, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Sometimes, all you want is to sip a cold beer in a pub that’s not packed with people—and Paddy’s is exactly that kind of place. The environment provides a chance to chat with kooky bartenders Mac and Dee, and who knows what kind of scheme you’d get involved in at this Philly joint.

Winchester Tavern, Shaun of the Dead

Not that we’re concerned about zombies or anything, but if we did happen to find ourselves in the midst of an apocalyptic attack by the undead, the Winchester wouldn’t be a bad place to have around the corner—what other establishment keeps a fully functioning rifle above the bar, plus a jukebox full of Queen? It’s almost too convenient.

Mos Eisley Cantina, Star Wars

It’s loud, it’s violent and it’s unpredictable—and we imagine that whatever you order at this Tatooine cantina will most definitely put hair on your chest. But there’s also a chance you could run into Han Solo as he’s waiting to land his next job, and it’s worth a visit just to see the impressive extraterrestrial jazz band. 

Rick’s Cafe Americain, Casablanca

Rick’s Café Americain is one of the most legendary bars in all of cinema. As Ingrid Bergman flies off into the night, we’d like to console Humphrey Bogart over stiff drinks and listen to Sam the piano player belt out “As Time Goes By.”

The Three Broomsticks and The Hog’s Head Inn, Harry Potter series

For a set of young-adult novels, the Harry Potter universe has a surprisingly well-developed bar culture. The village of Hogsmeade, just down the road from Hogwarts, contains not one but two pubs. The warm and comforting Three Broomsticks is known for its delicious butterbeer, while the dingy, divey Hog’s Head is the site of all manner of shady business. What can we say? We’d be thrilled to visit either.

Bowling-alley bar, The Big Lebowski

Where else can you enjoy a White Russian, knock down a few pins and convince your friends to help you get revenge on the guys that ruined your rug? If only we could find this Los Angeles bowling-alley bar, we’d have more than a few drinks with The Dude

The Double Deuce, Road House

Looking for a cold beer, some blues music and a good fight? Then this gritty joint is the place to be. At this point, we hope unflinching bouncer Dalton has helped The Double Deuce to clean up its act. 

Ten Forward, Star Trek: The Next Generation

Who wouldn’t want to have a drink in this celestial bar? From the views of deep space to the bizarre concoctions in an array of colors, you’ll never want to leave the Enterprise after visiting this truly otherworldly watering hole. 

MacLaren’s Pub, How I Met Your Mother

After watching Marshall, Lily, Ted, Barney and Robin hang out in their favorite booth week after week, it almost seems like we’re one of the regulars at MacLaren’s Pub, too. The bar is actually based on a real spot in Midtown Manhattan called McGee’s, so next time you’re in the area, stop by and see how it compares.

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  1. The World’s End…
    Don’t forget about The World’s End!

  2. This was inspired by “The Bull & Finch Pub” in Boston. A real place.

  3. where’s Central Perk, the bar where Charlie did his scouting in 2 and 1/2 men, the cantina from MASH, the hangout place of Seintfeld crew, The Drunken Clam…

  4. What.. no Regal Beagle… come on…..

  5. Quarks in DS9, now that’s a bar :D

  6. What about the Korova Milkbar? Milk Plus!

  7. The Lobo Lounge -Roseanne
    Kelsey’s -All in the Family
    The Leaky Cauldron -the 1st Harry Potter
    The El Sleazo Cafe -The Muppet Movie

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