10 Bourbon Drinks to Try Now
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  • August 2, 2007, was a momentous day for bourbon-lovers across the country. On that day, the Senate—by a unanimous vote—declared September to be National Bourbon Heritage Month and called for the annual celebration of “America’s Native Spirit.”

    The only question that remains is how you’ll observe the occasion. Bourbon purists will tell you that adding even a drop of water will ruin the whiskey’s flavor, but that’s just one of the many myths surrounding the spirit. In fact, there are an array of delicious classic and modern cocktails that call for bourbon. (How could you pass up a perfectly made Old Fashioned?)

    So this month, enjoy one of these ridiculously good bourbon drinks. It is, after all, your patriotic duty! 

  • The Tender Knob

    As far as we’re concerned, this is the perfect seasonal concoction, calling for bourbon, apple cider and cinnamon. The recipe was dreamed up by top mixologist and Liquor.com advisory board member H. Joseph Ehrmann. It features Knob Creek Bourbon, which was created in 1992 by Jim Beam’s grandson Booker Noe.

    View Recipe: The Tender Knob

  • Bourbon Old Fashioned

    The Old Fashioned might as well be the cocktail of the month for September. And our recipe for the classic comes from bartending legend and Liquor.com advisory board member Dale Degroff: It’s so good you’ll want to make it year-round.

    View Recipe: Bourbon Old Fashioned

  • The Revolver

    If you’re not a huge fan of using bourbon in cocktails, this drink may just change your mind. It was created by great San Francisco bartender Jon Santer and calls for Bulleit Bourbon, coffee liqueur and just a few dashes of orange bitters.

    View Recipe: The Revolver

  • Bourbon Lift

    There are fizzy drinks, and then there’s this whiskey-based creation. All-star San Francisco bartender Erik Adkins told us about the recipe, which calls for Maker’s Mark, coffee liqueur, cream, almond orgeat and a topping of just enough soda to give it the perfect fizz. Watch Adkins make the Bourbon Lift in our How To Cocktail video.

    View Recipe: Bourbon Lift

  • Basil Hayden’s Bloody Mary

    Ever consider adding a little bourbon to your Bloody Mary? It may sound strange, but whiskey gives the brunch staple a bit more depth of flavor. After you taste this concoction, which calls for Basil Hayden’s Bourbon and wasabi, you might never make it with vodka again.

    View Recipe: Basil Hayden’s Bloody Mary

  • Scofflaw

    The Scofflaw doesn’t just have a cool Prohibition-sounding name but was also actually created during the Noble Experiment. It can be made with bourbon or rye and is a great way to impress any cocktail aficionado. Just read award-winning author and Liquor.com advisory board member Gary Regan’s history of the drink before you start mixing.

    View Recipe: Scofflaw

  • Bourbon Manhattan

    While many drinkers will only make Manhattans with rye whiskey, we suggest trying the recipe with bourbon for a nice change. It adds a bit of sweetness and smoothness to the concoction. This version of the classic comes from master mixologist and Liquor.com advisory board member Dale Degroff.

    View Recipe: Bourbon Manhattan

  • Beggar’s Banquet

    Can’t decide between a beer and a shot of bourbon? Have both in this rich and delicious creation from top cocktail consultant and Liquor.com advisory board member Aisha Sharpe. The sudsy treat even calls for maple syrup, making it ideal for any fall occasion.

    View Recipe: Beggar’s Banquet

  • Forbidden Sour

    Every home bartender should know how to make the traditional Whiskey Sour. When done right, it’s the perfect balance of sweet and tart. And if you’re already a fan of the classic, try this fruity take from talented bartender Eben Freeman that includes a bit of Pama Pomegranate Liqueur.

    View Recipe: Forbidden Sour

  • The Black Demure

    This tipple may look demure, but a double-measure of Wild Turkey Kentucky Bourbon provides a strong backbone. The drink, which was invented by talented New York mixologist Franky Marshall, also features a tart blackberry liqueur and two different citrus flavors.

    View Recipe: The Black Demure

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  1. You know, they do sound good, but you’ve got a list of recipes here like I’ve seen elsewhere that require a tiny amount of something that I might not normally have in my liquor/spice cabinet and I’ll end up having sit around for years. Guess I’ll stick with drinking my bourbon the way God intended… straight up

    • You’re right, Chris. Recently I’ve seen drinks using elderberry liquor, hibiscus flowers, and other esoteric ingredients that will be used once and then forgotten until you reach for it and the cap is cemented to the bottle. Straight-up sounds perfectly fine to me. Why mess around with something that’s close to perfect anyway?

    • kennyk17 says

      God created bourbon…?

  2. reslymorgado says

    Liquor Become Sweet and Friendly.

  3. jmdidday says

    The revolver is 3 parts bourbon to 1 part Kahlua, so it’s not taking away too much from the bourbon, and it might just turn your wife on to the idea of bourbon.

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