The Biggest Booze Stories of 2013
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We hope you had a great year. Over the last 12 months, we've certainly been pretty busy, publishing dozens of articles and slideshows on a range of spirited topics. That's not to mention producing plenty of new segments for our How to Cocktail video series.

But before we start popping bottles of Champagne and making bubbly New Year's elixirs, we went through all of our 2013 content and picked our favorites. It was a tough choice, since there were many fine stories that we fondly remember working on, but we were finally able to narrow it down to the top 13.

From a guide to historic and kitschy tiki bars that are still open and a "long lost" cocktail for April Fool's Day to 10 awesome distilleries that all drinkers should visit once in their lifetimes, the list includes an array of pieces that you'll enjoy whether you've just discovered them for the first time or are reading them again.

So fix yourself a drink and check out these 13 articles and slideshows. Here's to 2014!

The Five Biggest Rum Myths

We got acclaimed author and rum expert Wayne Curtis to debunk five common misconceptions about the historic liquor.

15 Bars to Visit Before You Die

From a famous Parisian watering hole to a frozen vodka bar, you need to visit these amazing establishments around the world at some point in your lifetime.

Toasting Ernest Hemingway

In honor of the famed writer’s 114th birthday, we asked Philip Greene, author of To Have and Have Another: A Hemingway Cocktail Companion, about what Hemingway actually liked to drink.

Cheap Thrills: Great Liquor Under $25

We got a group of top bartenders and spirits experts to reveal their favorite low-priced liquor brands.

A Recipe for Theft

Ever swiped a menu or glass from a watering hole? We polled bartenders around the country to find out what their customers steal.

10 Distilleries to Visit Before You Die

From a ski-in facility to the place where the Pilgrims slept before leaving for America, you need to visit these amazing distilleries around the world at some point in your lifetime.

Behind the Drink: Rooster-Tail

For April Fool’s Day, advisory board member and award-winning author David Wondrich “discovered” a lost Civil War cocktail and a piece of American history.

The Drinker’s Guide to Mad Men Cocktails

On the beloved AMC TV show, cocktails have become characters in their own right. Explore the classic cocktail recipes of Mad Men in this slideshow.

For the Love of Irish Pubs

For St. Patrick’s Day, acclaimed author and advisory board member Gary Regan wrote about his love affair with Irish bars and why he enjoys them so much.

One for the Road: Tiki Palaces

While tropical bars are all the rage now, their heyday was really in the ‘50s and ‘60s. Visit a few of the surviving originals, which are still as kitschy as ever—and make a mean rum drink.

Behind the Bar: Movie Mixology

To get us ready for the Oscars, master mixologist and advisory board member Dale DeGroff shared his favorite on-screen cocktail moments.

American Single Malts

Distillers from New York to California are now producing this complex type of whiskey. Here are a few bottlings you should try.

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