The 9 Best Bloody Mary Recipes
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It’s an eye-opener, it’s a hangover cure, it’s a nutritious breakfast—what can’t the Bloody Mary do?

The cocktail, which you can now find on practically every brunch menu, was supposedly invented at Harry’s New York Bar in Paris during the 1920s. But to be honest, its history is far from settled.

But no matter when, where or by whom it was invented, the drink is one of our favorites and keeps evolving. While most recipes start with vodka and tomato juice, there are endless variations on the traditional formula.

So whether you like your Mary spicy, herbal or with bourbon, check out these recipes and then get creative this weekend. You just may find your new brunch beverage.

Elixir Bloody Mary

The secret to this cocktail from San Francisco mixologist and advisory board member H. Joseph Ehrmann (he says it’s the world’s best Bloody Mary) is a truly old-timey ingredient, Old Bay Seasoning. But that’s not the only trick up Ehrmann’s sleeve; the recipe also boasts a delicious combination of olive and pickle brines. And to top it off, there’s a garnish of a bacon strip and a dill pickle spear! You can even watch Ehrmann make his Bloody Mary in our How to Cocktail video.

View Recipe: Elixir Bloody Mary

Don Julio’s Bloody Maria

Love tequila, spice and everything that makes your Bloody nice? Then take a little south-of-the-border detour with this flavorful mix of Don Julio Reposado Tequila, Tabasco Sauce and horseradish with tomato and lime juices.

View Recipe: Don Julio’s Bloody Maria

Basil Hayden’s Bloody Mary

While we usually sip bourbon neat or enjoy it in a Manhattan, we also sometimes like to sneak it onto our brunch menu. And on special occasions, we like to fix this spicy concoction that combines Basil Hayden’s Bourbon, wasabi and hot sauce.

View Recipe: Basil Hayden’s Bloody Mary 

Bloody Roman

There aren’t many people in this world who could convince us to add a raw oyster to a cocktail! But we trust celebrity chef Chris Cosentino. And his Bloody Roman, which features Anchor Steam Beer, olives and briny bivalves, is a concoction you need to try at least once.

 View Recipe: Bloody Roman

Grey Goose Mediterranean Mary

Pretend you’re brunching on a patio overlooking the Mediterranean—perhaps in Nice or Monte Carlo. What should you pair with your frittata? This aptly named herbaceous beverage, of course, which was dreamed up by talented barman Nick Mautone. The recipe has a base of Grey Goose Vodka, whose flavor is enhanced by a bit of rich, dry sherry. But the key ingredient is a homemade mix of olive tapenade, tomato juice, hot sauce, citrus and herbs. One sip and we promise you’ll be transported.

View Recipe: Grey Goose Mediterranean Mary

Bloody Caesar

Looks delicious, eh? This unique concoction is actually Canada’s national cocktail. While it calls for the standard vodka, hot sauce and celery stalk, what sets it apart is its four ounces of Clamato, a mix of clam juice and tomato. The unusual ingredient makes for a savory drink that is surprisingly quaffable.

View Recipe: Bloody Caesar

Bayou Bloody Mary

This Bloody Mary, which hails from New Orleans, is truly a meal in a glass. In addition to vodka, tomato juice and Tabasco Sauce, it also calls for horseradish, black pepper and a garnish of pickled string beans, olives and crawfish tails. Yes, crawfish tails. This just may be the first drink we recommend serving with a fork.

View Recipe: Bayou Bloody Mary

Bloody Bulldog

Don’t worry, no dogs were harmed in the creation of this drink. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, it’s time to fix this elixir, which proves that vodka isn’t the only clear spirit that works in a Bloody Mary: This one’s made with gin. The recipe includes a double shot of British brand Bulldog, plus a clove of garlic, balsamic vinegar and all the other quintessential Mary mixers.

View Recipe: Bloody Bulldog

Karlsson’s Bloody Mary

Usually, vodka plays a supporting role in a Bloody Mary, providing a spirited backbone and an alcoholic kick if not much flavor. But this recipe is all about showcasing the earthy and complex Karlsson’s Gold Vodka from Sweden. The spirit is distilled only once, giving it a pronounced potato flavor, which works beautifully with Worcestershire sauce, horseradish and celery salt.

View Recipe: Karlsson’s Bloody Mary

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  1. I’d vote for the Bloody Bull, as once served in Bolling’s Restaurant in the Chicago Board of Trade Building. It is a conventional Bloody Mary, except about half the tomato juice is replaced with beef bouillon and the rim of the glass is covered with salt.

  2. Maybe I’m “Old School”, but, to me, a Bloody Mary was made with GIN and tabasco and tomato juice.
    Why mess with a great recipe. Next someone will propose a East Indian Scotch and Soda with Schwepp’s Quinine water!!

  3. For a more complex flavor, substitute V8 or other mixed veggie juice in your favorite “Bloody” recipe. V8 brand comes in regular or “Spicy Hot” in case you can’t find your favorite hot sauce (or use a pepper flavored spirit such as Absolut Pepar). Both V8 varieties come in “Reduced Sodium” for a sweeter taste.
    If you dare, use the spicy V8, Pepar Vodka AND Tabasco or hotter sauce! Made me respect the “Bloody Mary!”

  4. I usually sleep off my hang-over, time will work every time. My last hang-over was twenty years ago.

  5. I was a little saddened to notice there is no sriracha involved anywhere… Hmm. I’m sure there’s a recipe for a sriracha bloody mary somewhere.

  6. Best I’ve had recently was at a resort.It was called Bloody Mary Mike….The mix they used was the actual bartenders mix that he sells on e-bay

  7. wow! that batou bloody mary sounds awesome!

  8. Top your favorite spicy Bloody Mary with a little Guinness. People see me do it and think I’m crazy until they taste it. Trust me, good stuff…

  9. I put it in before I shake it

  10. For a great twist, use your favorite Bloody Mary mix recipe but use Tequila and say hello to Bloody Maria!

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