8 Gold Medal-Worthy Olympic Drinks
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  • The Olympics have it all: drama, excitement, happiness, death-defying danger and the unbridled use of the montage.

    The one thing the Olympics don’t have? An official cocktail. While no doubt plenty of vodka is being poured in Sochi, we took it upon ourselves to select the top eight drinks that go perfectly with a range of events.

    So no matter if you like watching curling, figure skating, snowboarding or ice hockey, we have a recipe for you—each one is deserving of its own gold medal. Mix up a drink and then sit back and enjoy the action. Cheers to all the athletes!

    Wondering how to toast the foreign athletes in their own languages? Check out our guide to international drinking customs.

  • Citius, Altius, Fortius

    Athletes come from all over the world to compete in the Olympic games, so raise this truly international drink to honor them all. The multi-national concoction, naturally named for the Olympic motto, includes ingredients from the US, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Canada!

    View recipe: Citius, Altius, Fortius

  • Blood and Sand

    Blood, sweat and tears are all in a day’s work for an Olympic athlete. Toast their years of practice and discipline with this delicious classic Scotch cocktail. And we promise it tastes like neither blood nor sand.

    View recipe: Blood and Sand

  • Winter Sour

    Is your team having a rough day? Mix up this aptly named cocktail created by top bartender and Liquor.com advisory board member H. Joseph Ehrmann that combines Campari, rosemary and lemon juice. After a few bracing sips, you’ll be feeling ready for the next event.

    View recipe: Winter Sour

  • Black Russian

    This drink may not have actually originated in Russia, but it definitely has an international pedigree: It was invented in Belgium in the 1940s for the American ambassador to Luxembourg. So no matter which country you’re rooting for, whip up this simple vodka and Kahlúa guilty pleasure.

    View recipe: Black Russian

  • Glögg

    Scandinavians are experts when it comes to surviving the bitter cold—not to mention pros at most of the winter Olympic disciplines! And considering that the Olympic venues (and most of the US for that matter) aren’t exactly balmy this time of year, whip up a batch of this traditional hot brandy-and-wine concoction.

    View recipe: Glögg

  • Winter Cup

    Enjoy this restorative concoction of muddled fruit, mint, rum and St-Germain if you’re taking a break to watch some afternoon Olympic action. The best part? It’s delicious year-round.

    View recipe: Winter Cup

  • Moscow Mule

    This refreshing and spicy ginger-beer beverage helped popularize vodka in America. (You can read all about the history of the drink in Liquor.com advisory board member Gary Regan’s investigative article.) It’s so good, it may just be your new signature drink.

    View recipe: Moscow Mule

  • The Gold Rush

    Whether you’re celebrating a hard-fought victory or just want a cocktail that deserves a medal, The Gold Rush is the perfect choice. It combines bourbon, Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur and lemon juice for a rich and well-balanced tipple that’s worthy of a top podium spot.

    View recipe: The Gold Rush

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