The 7 Funniest Celebrity Drinking Moments
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  • We love it when our favorite celebrities let loose and have a drink or two (or three or four).

    And what’s even better is when these spirited moments are caught on camera, from drunken talk-show appearances to saucy TV commercials. So without further ado, here are seven entertaining moments involving celebs and booze.

    Is there a tipsy celeb moment you would add to this list? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Amanda Seyfried

    In one rather endearing interview while promoting Les Miserables on Late Show with David Letterman last year, Amanda Seyfried—in a moment of blatant honesty—admits to being a little tipsy after a few Jameson drinks backstage. She says she always needs a bit of liquid courage before going on talk shows, but who can blame her? She also said she loves Jameson’s sister Irish whiskey brand Midleton Very Rare. 

  • David Hasselhoff

    If you haven’t seen this famous clip of David Hasselhoff, you need to watch it now. In the very strange video, the former television star sits on the floor after having a few too many drinks and drunkenly stuffs a hamburger into his mouth—well, mostly. 

  • Chelsea Handler & Jimmy Fallon

    Remember that time Jimmy Fallon wiped out on camera? After he and Chelsea Handler mixed up a couple of Vodka Martinis, they decided to run around the studio to see who had better balance and coordination. Fallon unfortunately lost and cut his hand on broken cocktail glasses. The moral of this story: Don’t drink vodka and then go running.

  • Robin Thicke

    The bottle of Rémy Martin V may not have been the first thing you noticed in the “Blurred Lines” music video, but Robin Thicke pouring the spirit into whatever cocktail he’s fixing definitely caught our attention. The song was no doubt one of the most popular of 2013 with well more than 200 million YouTube views—and that’s just the “rated” version.

  • Dita Von Teese

    As a burlesque superstar and the spokeswoman for orange liqueur Cointreau, Dita Von Teese has starred in a number of cheeky advertisements for the brand. But back in 2010, Von Teese released commercials featuring a trio of our favorite cocktails using the liqueur—the Margarita, the Sidecar and the Cosmopolitan. She tells the story of how each cocktail was invented. In one, she plays a bartender in Mexico; in the next, a flapper in Paris; in and the last, a singer in New York who suspiciously resembles Madonna. While some of the “facts” may be a little fuzzy, the actress certainly brings a new spirit to the stories.

  • Danny Devito

    Ever seen Danny Devito schnockered on a talk show? Well, in a 2006 interview on The View, he was fresh off a night on the town with George Clooney and claims it was the “last seven limoncello shots” that put him over the top. The appearance led to more than just embarrassment: Soon afterward, the star launched the Danny DeVito’s Limoncello brand—though unfortunately, it seems to be out of business today.

  • George Clooney

    You never know what will happen after a night sipping Casamigos Tequila—at least that’s what we learned from watching this commercial starring Cindy Crawford, Stacy Kiebler, George Clooney and Rande Gerber (who founded the brand with Clooney last year). It’s funny, it’s scandalous and—we have to say—it kind of makes us want to drink more tequila

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