10 Top Bubbly New Year’s Drinks
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Whether you’re headed to a New Year’s Eve party or staying at home to watch the ball drop, we’re sure that you’ve got Champagne on your mind. But instead of enjoying just plain bubbly all night long, try mixing your sparkling wine with a little something extra to make the evening even more special. From fruit juices to spirits, a wide range of ingredients actually pairs beautifully with some champers.

So shake up your celebration with one of our favorite sparkling concoctions, which are guaranteed to make your New Year’s memorable. (They’re also perfect for a New Year’s Day brunch.) Bottoms up!

What cocktail do you like to fix on New Year’s? Tell us in the comments below!


Start your evening with this sophisticated gin, St-Germain and Aperol cocktail, which includes a festive float of Champagne. It’s perfect before dinner or with light appetizers.

View Recipe: Nomayo

Airmail Punch

This tasty cocktail has a lot in common with the traditional Daiquiri, since both call for fresh lime juice, rum and a hint of sweetness. But what makes the Airmail Punch perfect for New Year’s Eve is a splash of Champagne. Try our recipe from top mixologist and Liquor.com advisory board member Jim Meehan.

View Recipe: Airmail Punch

Champagne Cocktail

This simple and delicious drink should never go out of style—the recipe hasn’t really changed since it was first published in Jerry ThomasThe Bon Vivant’s Companion in 1862. (That’s not to mention that it was featured in the classic film Casablanca.) And it’s really quite easy to make; it’s like a bubbly Old Fashioned! Start off with a sugar cube and add some bitters, but instead of muddling, just fill the flute with sparkling wine.

View Recipe: Champagne Cocktail

French 75

There are few better ways to ring in the new year than by sipping a French 75. No matter if you like it made with gin or cognac, the citrusy and bubbly combination is the perfect drink to toast the next 12 months.

View Recipe: French 75

Champagne Cobbler

If you can’t be on a beach celebrating the new year, then fix this fruity and tropical mix of pineapple and orange juices, maraschino liqueur and bubbly. After a few sips, you’ll feel transported to an exotic locale.

View Recipe: Champagne Cobbler

Forbidden Apple

This fizzy tipple from top San Francisco bartender and Liquor.com advisory board member Jacques Bezuidenhout is a twist on the classic Champagne Cocktail. The secret to the drink is some apple brandy and Grand Marnier. It’s so good, you may drink it all year round.

View Recipe: Forbidden Apple

The Lanesborough

Love a good Mimosa? Then you’ll no doubt love this twist on the traditional brunch staple, which calls for Grand Marnier and a bit of both cranberry and passion fruit juices. We like to make it for a New Year’s Day brunch.

View Recipe: The Lanesborough

Aperol Flip

If you enjoy an aperitif before a meal, you’ll like this frothy concoction. It features—you guessed it—bitter Italian liqueur Aperol as well as egg white, which gives it a luscious, rich texture. It will whet your appetite for an evening of celebrating.

View Recipe: Aperol Flip

The Maxwell

Impress your date with a pair of these refreshing Champagne tipples from top bartender and Liquor.com advisory board member H. Joseph Ehrmann. The creative recipe—which serves two—mixes cucumber vodka with cucumber and lemon juices, the orange liqueur Cointreau and agave nectar. Top it off with a bit of champers for the ultimate New Year’s Eve couples cocktail.

View Recipe: The Maxwell

Magic Hour

Make sure that your New Year’s Eve is...well...magic with this craft cocktail. It’s a tantalizing combination of Lillet Rose, grapefruit juice, Yellow Chartreuse and, of course, sparkling wine. Cheers to the new year!

View Recipe: Magic Hour

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