10 New Crazy Flavored Vodkas
Contributed by Anna Archibald
Posted Jan 09, 2014
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One of our favorite things to do is stroll the vodka aisle at our local liquor store and see all of the new flavors that have recently rolled out.

Brands are continuing to introduce ever more exotic and creative types of vodka. While we thought we had seen everything already, including bacon and smoked salmon vodkas, we’ve found 10 new ones that are even crazier. (Think electricity, sriracha and tobacco.)

Check them out and then tell us in the comments which one you most want to try. Cheers!

Exclusiv Napoleon XO

Do you love brandy and vodka? Well, for a mere $10, you no longer have to choose between the two. This new vodka from, of all places, Moldova, is supposedly flavored with 5- to 18-year-old brandies. This spirit-flavored spirit is certainly one of the stranger bottlings we’ve seen and tastes more like baked goods to us than cognac. 

Cathead Pecan

Go nuts for this pecan-infused vodka ($20) from Mississippi. The 70-proof spirit is infused for four to six weeks with roasted nuts from century-old local institution Bass Pecan Company. The liquor is distilled six times and sweetened with cane sugar from Louisiana. According to Cathead, it’s also the first and only pecan-flavored vodka and is available throughout the South, as well as in Indiana and Colorado. A portion of sales go to charitable partners like Music Makers Relief Foundation, which helps to preserve Southern music and culture.

Ivanabitch Tobacco & Menthol Tobacco

At just $11, this new vodka from Ivanabitch (that’s seriously the brand’s name...you can’t make this stuff up) is much cheaper than a carton of smokes. Not only does it come in a minty Menthol Tobacco flavor that’s somewhat reminiscent of cough syrup, but you can also get straight-up Tobacco, which is definitely tobacco-y but is thankfully nicotine-free. Just watch out: the label warns, “you won’t be able to quit.”

Oddka Fresh Cut Grass

Over the last few months, Oddka has expanded its distribution and now offers a number of, well, odd flavors like the “crisp and citrusy” Fresh Cut Grass ($16). It’s certainly not your average flavored vodka, but it will give you a taste of summer during even the coldest of winter months. 

UV Sriracha

It was only a matter of time before everyone’s favorite hot sauce was made into a flavored vodka—and, really, what goes together better than rooster sauce and Bloody Marys? While it’s certainly as red as can be and, yes, a tad spicy, it loses some of its kick when mixed with tomato juice. It is available in a liter ($13), 750-mL ($12) and a fun-sized 50-mL ($1). 

Smirnoff Pineapple Coconut Sorbet Light

As we know from the Piña Colada, pineapple and coconut are delicious together. Smirnoff is now featuring the duo in its latest reduced-calorie vodka flavor ($16). If you’re counting, it comes in at 78 calories per ounce-and-a-half. The spirit is rolling out now and joins three other Sorbet Light bottlings on store shelves. 

Oddka Electricity

It’s hard to imagine what electricity would taste like. Oddka has taken a stab at answering the question with its tongue-tingling flavor ($16). The brand recommends drinking it as a shot, which is good, since we have no idea what mixers would go with electricity. (Definitely not water.) Let us know if you find any.

Pinnacle Cinnamon Roll

If you can’t resist stopping for a sweet and gooey Cinnabon when you’re in the airport or the mall, then we have the vodka for you. Pinnacle, whose portfolio of more than 30 flavored vodkas includes Rainbow Sherbet and Red Liquorice, joined forces with the bakery chain to produce, of course, Cinnabon-flavored vodka ($13). Naturally, we think it’s best enjoyed with a cinnamon roll.

Smirnoff Cinna-Sugar Twist

Haven’t gotten enough cinnamon vodka? Then try this new bottling from Smirnoff that combines its spicy bite with the sweetness of sugar. The vodka launched in October, along with Wild Honey, joining the brand’s collection of more than 35 flavors. Not sure how to mix it? Smirnoff recommends serving the 60-proof Cinna-Sugar Twist ($16) with everything from grapefruit juice to ginger beer. 

Absolut Amber

Don’t be fooled; this isn’t whiskey! Absolut’s new expression answered the question of what would happen if you aged vodka in a barrel. The result is this complex spirit, which is rested in “lightly roasted” oak barrels. If you want to taste Amber ($25) you’ll need to travel, since it’s currently available only at duty-free in four airports: Miami (MIA), New York (JFK), Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) and Panama City (PTY). Be sure to keep an eye out for it when you travel!

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  1. just love the site

  2. “Don’t be fooled; this isn’t whiskey!”

    So if Absolute vodka is made from a grain mash (wheat) and aged in burnt oak barrels, why isn’t a whiskey?

    Granted different countries have specific rules and requirements for different classes of whiskies, this fits the most generic definition of “whiskey”. Moreover since the flavor is gained from actually aging it in burnt oak barrels as opposed to a post production flavor additive it seems to me to be more fitting to the classification of whiskey than of a flavored vodka, even if the spirit had initially undergone extensive filtering to remove the “fore-shots”, “heads” and “tails”. Even bourbons undergo filtration, and Tennessee whiskey using the Lincoln County Process even uses charcoal (perhaps sootier than typically used for vodkas).

    To reverse the question why couldn’t modern whiskies that use filtration claim to be charred oak “flavored” vodkas?

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