10 New Crazy Flavored Vodkas

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  • Jo Ann posted 1 year ago

    I enjoy this site. Its interesting, plus I get a lot of good ideas. Also, I'm a bartender.

  • Lance_Steel posted 1 year ago

    "Don’t be fooled; this isn’t whiskey!"

    So if Absolute vodka is made from a grain mash (wheat) and aged in burnt oak barrels, why isn't a whiskey?

    Granted different countries have specific rules and requirements for different classes of whiskies, this fits the most generic definition of "whiskey". Moreover since the flavor is gained from actually aging it in burnt oak barrels as opposed to a post production flavor additive it seems to me to be more fitting to the classification of whiskey than of a flavored vodka, even if the spirit had initially undergone extensive filtering to remove the "fore-shots", "heads" and "tails". Even bourbons undergo filtration, and Tennessee whiskey using the Lincoln County Process even uses charcoal (perhaps sootier than typically used for vodkas).

    To reverse the question why couldn't modern whiskies that use filtration claim to be charred oak "flavored" vodkas?

  • mercenary.hit posted 1 year ago

    just love the site

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