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From a list of the bars you need to visit before you die to seasonable cocktail-recipe roundups. These collections of spirited information will teach you to drink better.

9 College Drinks Classed Up

Do you still wince at the thought of shooting straight (cheap) vodka before a night out? Your college days may be over but the thrill doesn’t have to be. Try these upgraded versions of your favorite college classics.

Tequila Cocktails That Are All About The Tequila

Love the taste of Mexico’s favorite liquor tequila? So do we. These seven cocktails celebrate the spirit.

The 5 Best Booze Delivery Apps

Whether you’re planning a party or just need a drink, we found the five apps that are the best at bringing the booze. So get out your phone, pick your poison and wait for a knock on the door.

You Can Drink Like a Celeb: Here’s How

You may not be able to live like a celeb, but you can totally drink like one.

11 Low-Proof Cocktails You Have to Try

Take it easy with these light but tasty cocktails.

Yes, There are Actually Celebrities Who Don’t Drink

Hard to believe but true: Hollywood is a place where there are people who don’t touch the juice.

5 Strange Hangover Cures That Really Work

Just crazy enough to work? Let’s hope so!

These Are the 10 Best Booze Ads of All Time: Print Edition

Talk about effective advertising: These spirits ads knew how to make people buy, buy, buy.

5 Terrifying Bond Villains You’d Be Scared to Share a Martini With

Pair cinema’s greatest villains with the world’s best drink.

A World Cup Drink for Every Taste

With the Rio De Janeiro World Cup just around the corner, we took a look at a few of the many ways you can use the Brazilian sugarcane liquor—it’s all in the spirit of international relations, after all.

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