From a list of the bars you need to visit before you die to seasonable cocktail-recipe roundups. These collections of spirited information will teach you to drink better.

10 Cocktail Pairings for Every Cheesy Romantic Movie

From Say Anything to An Officer and a Gentleman, you need the right drink for the right tearjerker.

10 Essential Cocktails for February Parties

It’s February. You’re thirsty. There are answers.

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The sweet and bitter grapefruit is a citrus fruit that plays nice in drinks.

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Who says vodka is strictly a warm-weather drink?

10 Essential Cocktails for January Parties

Banish the winter doldrums with cheerful glasses filled with sherry, whisky and in-season citrus.

10 Ridiculously Creamy Eggnogs That Will Change Your Holidays

Can’t get enough ’nog? Feast your eyes on these playful variations of the creamy classic.

10 Delicious Cocktails That Are Actually Perfect for Your Next Holiday Party

Your guests will thank you. And keep coming back for more.

5 Amazing Cocktails That Prove Cranberries Are For More Than Decorations

Time to hit the cranberry bog. Then toss the winter fruit into sweet-tart cranberry cocktails that are perfect for the holidays.

These Are the New Scotch Drinks You Should Be Trying

Yes, Scotch cocktails can be done and done well. These drinks are perfect proof.

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