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From a list of the bars you need to visit before you die to seasonable cocktail-recipe roundups. These collections of spirited information will teach you to drink better.

Halloween Cocktails

7 Essential Cocktails for November Entertaining

Whether you’re hosting a big Thanksgiving party or a casual get-together, here are a few cocktails that are perfect for the season and will be a sure-fire hit with your guests.

5 Vodka Cocktails to Make in Less Than 5 Minutes

Give vodka another chance.

5 Tequila Drinks to Try Right Now

Forget firewater shots: Tequila makes some seriously elegant cocktails.

The Best Scotches for Under $40

A bottle of whisky from the Highlands doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Here are a few peated favorites recommended by the bloggers on DrinkWire.

7 of America’s Most Haunted Bars

Who ya gonna call? A drink-slinging Ghostbuster would be best.

The 7 Best American Concert Venues for Cocktails

Ready to rock? These concert venues’ cocktail lists are on pitch.

Born to Rum: Revisiting Classic Cocktails | Partner Tip

Experience your favorite cocktails reimagined with Mount Gay Rum.

11 Great Wines For Fall Under $25

Hefty whites; lively reds; autumn weather: Make the most of fall by drinking well on the cheap.

5 Scotch Drinks to Try Now

For some Scotch-lovers, mixing the spirit in a cocktail sounds like sacrilege—but once you try these drinks, you’ll change your mind.

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