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  • joez4646 posted 2 months ago

    can simple syrup be made to last longer than 1 month.

  • zlite posted 3 months ago

    2 kinds of bottles in 12 years old regal Chivas

  • 1644sandpiper posted 4 months ago

    what is the difference in Jack Daniels Bourbon black or green label

  • pinetownhandyman posted 6 months ago

    I have an unopened 750ml bottle of Poire Williams Pear Williams Brandy that I have had for over 35 years. It has the pear in the bottle and was wondering if someone knew of where I could find the value. It is a product of France from the Theo Preiss distillerie and 90 proof. Thank you in advance.

  • razor66 posted 7 months ago

    Four Roses, I have a bottle of Four Roses unopened Only 100 years old and never been opened. Is it still safe to drink? Who would know the answer to this question, or should I try to find a good auction and try to sell it for 100,000.00 or maybe more for someone else to taste test it. Bottle has original seal and never been opened. Bottle has been kept in a collection for more than 40 plus years.

  • yellowman posted 7 months ago

    Have a bottle of Johnnie walker black label with gold label 12 year old, John Walker & sons Ltd. Distillers Kilmarnock, Scotland. 86.8 proof 1 qt. bottle unopened and has U.S. Internal Revenue tax paid seal on cap. box is white with scotish ribbon on top with black and gray label reading ( By appointment to her Majesty the queen). I am trying to find out how old this whiskey is. Thank you in Advance.

  • layton72 posted 7 months ago

    Where can I buy Oddka, not the flavors, just Oddka?

  • Rphock posted 10 months ago

    I was on a Royal Caribbean cruise in late December and spent some time (!) in the Champagne Bar where I was introduced to a superb drink called a Shanghai Smash. I THINK it had equal parts single malt scotch and orange liquor (possibly Cointreau) along with a squeezed lemon wedge and a muddled mint leaf. Can anyone confirm this or correct me?

  • Carrielove posted 10 months ago

    Does the copper mug really make a chemical reaction (tangy) when the lime is added?

  • ricksling posted 11 months ago

    I am trying to find the value of an old (1925) unopened bottle of Rum from Cuba. Does this forum offer any advice on this type of request?

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