Winter Sour

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Winter Sour - Campari Cocktail

About The Winter Sour Cocktail

This delicious low-alcohol cocktail recipe is bitter, sweet and seasonal.

Ingredients in the The Winter Sour Cocktail

1.5 oz
Meyer lemon juice
1 oz
Egg white (around 1 egg's worth)
1 oz
1.5 oz
Clover honey syrup (1 part clover honey, 1 part simple syrup)


How to make The Winter Sour Cocktail

Strip the leaves from the rosemary sprig and add them to a shaker.

Muddle, and then add the Meyer lemon juice and egg white.

Shake without ice for 5 seconds.

Add the Campari and honey syrup and fill with ice.

Shake well and strain into a cocktail glass.

Garnish with a short rosemary sprig.

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