Whisky Skin

Whisky Skin - Whiskey Cocktail

About The Whisky Skin Cocktail

If you're cold (or you have a cold), make this hot Scotch drink.

Ingredients in the The Whisky Skin Cocktail

  •  Boiling water 
  •  1 tsp Demerara sugar
  •  Lemon peel
  •  2 oz Scotch (Macallan or Ardbeg)

How to make The Whisky Skin Cocktail

Rinse a mug or heatproof cup with boiling water to warm it. Add the sugar and a swatch of thin-cut lemon peel. Add 1 oz boiling water and stir to dissolve the sugar. Add the Scotch (Macallan or, if insane or very cold, Ardbeg). Finish by adding 1 oz more of boiling water to bring the heat back up.

Other Information

For Scotch, see Macallan or Ardbeg.

Spirits used in The Whisky Skin Cocktail

Cocktail Profile

Base Spirit:
Cocktail Type:

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