The Burgundy

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The Burgundy - Whiskey Cocktail

About The Burgundy Cocktail

Ron would definitely approve.

Ingredients in The Burgundy Cocktail

4 oz
Ginger ale
Cranberry Juice


How to make The Burgundy Cocktail

Add the whisky and ginger ale to a rocks glass filled with ice.

Top with a splash of cranberry juice.

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  • Carl Fritz posted 3 years ago

    I make a similar drink which started out as my family's favorite holiday drink. The "Old Fashioned". I switched it up and Made my own version called the "Holly-day".

    1.5 Oz -Jim Beam "Red Stag"
    (I found this great for mixed drinks)
    4 Oz -Cranberry Sierra Mist
    (Not diet!!!)
    2 Jiggs -of Angostura Bitters
    2 -Maraschino Cherrys
    1 -Splash -Cherry Jucie from Maraschino Cherry jar.

    Glass: Rocks

    Add the whisky, Bitters and Sierra Mist to a rocks glass filled with ice. Add Cherrys Top with a splash of Cherry juice.

  • Rick Neighbors posted 3 years ago

    Pretty tasty! I did not have any Canadian whisky, but I had some Jack Daniels. Made a very good drink. Mixed mine in a Collins Glass with lots of ice, good quality ginger ale and real cranberry juice. Would definitely drink it again.

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