Pimm's Cup

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Pimm's Cup

About The Pimm’s Cup Cocktail

The Pimm’s Cup is a classic,l British summertime drink that is filled with fruit.

Ingredients in the The Pimm’s Cup Cocktail

2 oz
Pimm\'s No. 1
3 oz
Sprite, 7Up or ginger ale
Cucumber slices
Strawberry, hulled and cut into quarters
an orange slice
Lemon slice
Mint leaves


How to make The Pimm’s Cup Cocktail

To make a Pimm's cup, first add all the ingredients to a highball glass filled with ice and stir to combine.

(To mix things up a bit, you can replace the Sprite, 7Up or ginger ale with Champagne.).

Other Information

Watch Liquor.com advisory board member H. Joseph Ehrmann make a proper Pimm’s Cup in our How to Cocktail video.

Cocktail Profile

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Discussion (1)

  • Ryan Tracy posted 4 years ago

    Less inspired, but no less delicious, one can substitute good ol' lemonade for the soft drinks, ginger ales, ginger beers, and Champagnes.

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