Partida Margarita

Partida Margarita Cocktail

Base Spirit: Tequila

Type: Classics, Margaritas

Served: Neat/Up

Preparation: Shaken

Strength: Medium

Difficulty: Medium

Flavor Profile: Fruity/Citrus-forward, Sour, Sweet

About the Partida Margarita Cocktail

Reintroduce yourself to this simple-to-make classic.

Ingredients in the Partida Margarita Cocktail

Garnish: Lime wheel

Glass: Cocktail, Margarita or Old Fashioned

How to make the Partida Margarita Cocktail

Add all the ingredients to a shaker and fill with ice. Shake, and strain into a chilled Margarita or cocktail glass, or an Old Fashioned glass filled with fresh ice. Garnish with a lime wheel.

Watch master mixologist Jacques Bezuidenhout make a proper Partida Margarita in our How to Cocktail video.

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  1. Chesed kamilo says

    I love this drink because it is very teste

  2. partida blanco tequila- 2.ouz
    lime juice- 1 ouz
    pineapple juice- 4.ouz
    ginger ale soda- 4.ouz
    add all ingredients and ice and a shaker and shake

  3. How can you call tequila and limeade a Margarita?
    Is tequila and lemonade a Margarita?
    NO! A bartender created the Margarita a long time ago. They created a recipe and chose a name for THEIR drink.
    I understand that Buzzwords like Margarita, Martini, and Mojito are great drink menu attention grabbers, but we need to respect their creativity.
    Hey Partida! here’s one for you. Why don’t you call thus extremely tasty drink a Parditarita! That way you reference the magnificent Margarita, but are not co-opting the name of this historic drink just because you hope to sell more tequila.
    ” Hey bartender, I’d like a Jack and Coke, but would you please use Captain Morgan. ”
    “Hey buddy, why don’t you just order a Capt. and Coke?”
    “Why, because I love saying the word Jack!”

    I make a very tasty drink called Acapulco Sunshine. It has tequila, agave nectar, lime juice, orange and mango juice, with a dash of bitters muddled with fresh basil.
    People who love tequila don’t need to hear the word Margarita to decide to order a tequila cocktail.
    After all it ‘s your fine tequila that sells itself.
    It’s Parti da Time!

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