Cocktail Recipes

Thirsty? We have hundreds and hundreds of delicious cocktail recipes from expert bartenders around the world. No matter if you're looking for a classic cocktail, a punch for a party or an original concoction, we have a cocktail recipe for every taste and occasion. What are you waiting for? Start mixing!
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The Black Demure - Whiskey Cocktail

The Black Demure

Bourbon / American Whiskey , Modern Classics

With a slug of spicy bourbon, this blackberry cocktail isn’t as demure as she looks.

Space Gin Smash - Gin Cocktail

Space Gin Smash

Gin , Modern Classics

Famed British bartender Angus Winchester likes to mix up this fruity tipple on rainy days.

Scarlet Glow - Pisco Cocktail

Scarlet Glow

Pisco , Modern Classics

The secret to this gorgeous tipple is chilled hibiscus tea.



Tequila , Non-Alcoholic

This savory concoction is the classic accompaniment to a shot of good tequila. It's a savory blend of citrus, peppers and hot sauce. Intrigued? Try the Sangrita recipe below.

Spiced Old Fashioned - Tequila Cocktail

Spiced Old Fashioned

Tequila , Modern Classics

This spicy-sweet tequila drink is a newfangled take on a classic.

Lights Out Punch - Tequila Cocktail

Lights Out Punch

Tequila, Vermouth / Aperitif Wine , Punches

With tea-infused vermouth and tequila, this fizzy concoction is a cocktail-party champion.

Partida Paloma - Tequila Cocktail

Partida Paloma

Tequila , Classics

You need authentic Mexican grapefruit soda to make an authentic version of the tequila classic.

La Perla - Tequila Cocktail

La Perla

Tequila , Modern Classics

This sophisticated sherry-and-tequila cocktail proves that the agave spirit can be elegant.

Cucumber & Rose Collins - Gin Cocktail

Cucumber & Rose Collins

Gin , Modern Classics

The classic Collins took a trip through the garden.

Malena - Whiskey Cocktail


Liqueurs, Rye Whiskey , Modern Classics

Rye whiskey, Campari and sweet port join forces in this delicious sipper.

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