Cocktail Recipes

Thirsty? We have hundreds and hundreds of delicious cocktail recipes from expert bartenders around the world. No matter if you're looking for a classic cocktail, a punch for a party or an original concoction, we have a cocktail recipe for every taste and occasion. What are you waiting for? Start mixing!
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Hendrick's Breakfast Martini - Gin Cocktail

Hendrick’s Breakfast Martini

Gin , Martinis, Modern Classics

The most important meal of the day just got a whole lot more fun.

Espresso Martini - Tequila Cocktail

Espresso Martini

Liqueurs, Tequila

What do you get when you mix tequila and espresso? One hell of a cocktail.

Apples and Pears - Vodka Cocktail

Apples & Pears

Vodka , Modern Classics

This autumnal vodka cocktail contains both.

Mojito Italiano - Rum Cocktail

Mojito Italiano

Rum , Modern Classics

Celebrate the red, white and green with a little Campari, lemon and rum.

Maker's Mark Mojito - Cocktail Recipe

Maker’s Mark Mojito

Bourbon / American Whiskey , Modern Classics

Try this Kentucky take on the Cuban classic.

Fashionable Manhattan - Cocktail Recipe

Fashionable Manhattan

Bourbon / American Whiskey , Modern Classics

This delicious bourbon cocktail is what happens when a Manhattan and an Old Fashioned hang out together.

Summer's End - Cocktail

Summer’s End

Brandy / Cognac , Modern Classics

Combine summer and autumn flavors in this simple drink you can make any time of year.

Northern Spy - Applejack Cocktail

Northern Spy

Brandy / Cognac , Modern Classics

Go undercover with this top-secret applejack cocktail.

Smuggler's Cove Straits Sling - Gin Cocktail

Smuggler’s Cove Straits Sling

Gin , Tiki / Tropical

You don't need a pegleg, a parrot or a tri-cornered hat to enjoy this drink.

Hudson Highland Cup - Scotch Cocktail

Hudson Highland Cup

Scotch , Modern Classics

With apple butter, maple syrup and hard cider, this cocktail is like fall in a cup.

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