Cocktail Recipes

Thirsty? We have hundreds and hundreds of delicious cocktail recipes from expert bartenders around the world. No matter if you're looking for a classic cocktail, a punch for a party or an original concoction, we have a cocktail recipe for every taste and occasion. What are you waiting for? Start mixing!
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French 65 - Cognac Cocktail

French 65

Liqueurs , Classics

Try this extra-citrusy spin on the classic French 75.

Heated Affair - Tequila Cocktail

Heated Affair

Tequila , Hot

This hot tequila-and-cider concoction will warm you head to toe.

Apple Fool's Martini - Tequila Cocktail

Apple Fool’s Martini

Tequila , Modern Classics

A drink that tricks the eye and the palate.

The Sazerac Cocktail - Rye Whiskey Cocktail me: ah

The Sazerac Cocktail

Rye Whiskey , Classics

It doesn’t get much more classic than this NOLA standard.

Calvados Sidecar - Cognac Cocktail

Calvados Sidecar

Brandy / Cognac , Modern Classics

Get introduced to French apple brandy with this simple variation on a classic.

Cinnamon Syrup

Cinnamon syrup which is used in other recipes

Vermiglio - Campari Cocktail


Liqueurs , Modern Classics

This bitter-and-sweet cocktail calls for lots of shaking.

Herradura Tequila Luxe - Tequila Cocktail

Herradura Tequila Luxe

Tequila , Margaritas

A quick and easy version of the Margarita with a refreshing lemon-lime flavor.

Stoli O Main Squeeze - Vodka Cocktail

Stoli O Main Squeeze

Vodka , Modern Classics

This variation on the Screwdriver is packed with citrus flavor.

La Tour Eiffel - Absinthe Cognac Cocktail

La Tour Eiffel

Absinthe, Brandy / Cognac , Modern Classics

Cocktail expert Gary Regan imagines what the Sazerac would be like if invented in France instead of New Orleans.

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