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Thirsty? We have hundreds and hundreds of delicious cocktail recipes from expert bartenders around the world. No matter if you're looking for a classic cocktail, a punch for a party or an original concoction, we have a cocktail recipe for every taste and occasion. What are you waiting for? Start mixing!


Corpse Reviver No. 2

It doesn't have to be Halloween to enjoy this cocktail.

Born To Be British - Gin Cocktail

Born to Be British

It's OK. You can hum "God Save The Queen" to yourself while sipping this cocktail. We won't tell anyone.

Mount Gay Hot Buttered Rum - Rum Cocktail

Mount Gay Hot Buttered Rum

A mug of this rich drink will fortify you against the cold and snow.

The Bee Sting - Scotch Cocktail

The Bee Sting

The best part? If you like one, you can conjure up a whole swarm.

Back Yard Tea - Rum Cocktail

Back Yard Tea

Drink this easy-to-make rum cocktail on the lawn, porch or patio.

Spicy Grand Margarita - Tequila Cocktail

Spicy Grand Margarita

Red pepper and chile pepper powder make this Margarita almost too hot to handle.

Modern English - Gin Cocktail

Modern English

Forget that olde tyme English with this cocktail.

Sunset on the Pacific - Tequila Cocktail

Sunset on the Pacific

Expand your citrus horizons with this tangerine drink.

Minted Man - Vodka Cocktail

Minted Man

It'll be the Invisible Man after you taste this cool cocktail.


Bloody Kirby

Don’t let Mary steal all of the limelight.

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