Maison Premiere Sazerac

Maison Premiere Sazerac Cocktail

Base Spirit: Absinthe, Rye Whiskey

Type: Classics

Served: On the Rocks

Preparation: Shaken

Strength: Medium

Difficulty: Medium

Flavor Profile: Spirit-forward, Sweet

About the Maison Premiere Sazerac Cocktail

Try this simple twist on the classic Sazerac recipe.

Ingredients in the Maison Premiere Sazerac Cocktail

  • 1 tsp Absinthe
  • 1.5 oz Bulleit Rye Whiskey
  • .25 oz Simple syrup (two parts sugar, one part water)
  • 6 dashes Bitters

Garnish: Lemon twist

Glass: Double rocks

How to make the Maison Premiere Sazerac Cocktail

Add a few ice cubes and the absinthe to a double rocks glass. Stir a few times, liberally splashing the sides of the glass. Tilt the glass so the absinthe reaches the rim and turn slowly to coat the entire glass. Discard the ice and excess absinthe, and set aside. Add the remaining ingredients to a shaker and fill with ice. Shake well and pour (unstrained) into the prepared glass. Garnish with lemon twist.

This cocktail was served at the 2013 Great GoogaMooga festival.

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