Jello Shots

Jello Shots - Vodka Cocktail

About The Jello Shots Cocktail

Who says Jello Shots have to end at college? These tried and true party drinks are fun, easy to make and instant crowd pleasers. Pro tip: Jello Shots are a blank canvas for creativity so mix it up with different colors, flavors and shapes. Your friends will love them.

Ingredients in the The Jello Shots Cocktail

3 oz
Jell-O or other flavored gelatin (any flavor will work, but do not use unflavored)
8 oz
Boiling water
4 oz
Cold water


How to make The Jello Shots Cocktail

In a medium bowl, stir together the Jell-O and boiling water until the Jell-O dissolves.

Add the vodka or rum and cold water, and stir to combine.

Pour 1 ounce of the mixture into each of 16 shot glasses (small plastic or paper cups will also work) and chill until solid.

Other Information

Jello Shots are a fun cocktail made with gelatin and either rum or vodka. Learn how to make Jello Shots with our Jello Shots recipe. 

Cocktail Profile

Flavor: Sweet

Base Spirit:
Cocktail Type:

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Discussion (7)

  • ivett8 posted 7 months ago

    Do Jell-O shots taste better with Rum or Vodka?
    I only tried them with Tequila. Which is your favorite, anyone? :)

  • posted 8 months ago

    can I make jello shots with wine or kalua

  • Gabbiex1 posted 8 months ago

    I'm 67 and just had my first Jell-O shots at a local fundraiser. Oh my!! We had SOOO much fun with our friends and raised a whole bunch of money for a sweet little girl!! I need to make some of these for me and my Sis....they're amazing!!!

  • sheneak.lewis1 posted 12 months ago

    I had them before but I just need to make them for myself this Christmas

  • luckysd posted 1 year ago

    60 years young and had first shots tonite they were great!! now want to make my own

  • gennie.burgess1 posted 1 year ago

    Great recipes and easy to fallow. Loved the D**** S***** drink recipe.Yum..

  • constance.watson.77 posted 2 years ago

    First time ever having a jello shots at age 50 and fell in love with them.

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