Jalisco Express

Jalisco Express Cocktail

Base Spirit: Tequila

Type: Modern Classics

Strength: Medium

Flavor Profile: Bitter

About the Jalisco Express Cocktail

Climb aboard a tequila and espresso delight.

Ingredients in the Jalisco Express Cocktail

Garnish: Espresso-roast coffee bean

Glass: Martini

How to make the Jalisco Express Cocktail

Add all the ingredients to a shaker and fill with ice. Shake well and strain into a Martini glass. Float an espresso-roast coffee bean on top of the drink.

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  1. Are you sure that this recipe is correct? One ounce of tequila doesn’t sound right in light of the quantities of the other ingredients. This wouldn’t even fill half of a small cocktail glass.

  2. Larry Hull says

    You guys must be funded by the expensive liquor manufacturers. Otherwise, why would you always show the recipes with the expensive liquors. Sure, some people can taste the difference, but most of us can’t. I guess it is a way to get people to buy the expensive liquor.

    We aren’t all made of money, you know. Especially with the price of liquor going up so much.

  3. I agree with Randy. It sounds delicious though and Ive got to try it nonetheless.

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