Hot Toddy

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Hot Toddy - Whiskey Cocktail

About The Hot Toddy Cocktail

Brrrrr, is it cold out here? Great for a warming up for the night or when you’re feeling under the weather, you can use any kind of whiskey you like in this hot and comforting classic Hot Toddy recipe.

Ingredients in the The Hot Toddy Cocktail

Boiling water
Lemon twist
2 tsp
Demerara sugar or brown sugar
.25 oz
Lemon juice

How to make The Hot Toddy Cocktail

Fill a mug with boiling water and let stand for a minute or two to warm

Meanwhile, stick the cloves into the lemon twist and set aside

Empty the mug and fill about halfway with fresh boiling water

Add the sugar and stir to dissolve

Add the prepared lemon twist and stir

Add the lemon juice and whiskey, and stir again

Other Information

Watch top bartender Jacques Bezuidenhout show you how to make a Hot Toddy in our How to Cocktail video.


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  • teamcavalierhotmailcom10875612 posted 3 months ago

    Came out perfect in an 8oz Nescafe coffee mug. Used Jameson Irish Whiskey. Backed down that sore throat quite a bit.

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