Gin & Tonic

Gin & Tonic Cocktail

Base Spirit: Gin

Type: Classics

Served: On the Rocks

Preparation: Stirred

Strength: Light

Difficulty: Simple

Flavor Profile: Bubbly

About the Gin & Tonic Cocktail

The Gin & Tonic is the quintessential summer cocktail and is enough to refresh you on the hottest of days. This version uses a touch of both lemon and lime juices for the perfect citrusy touch.

Ingredients in the Gin & Tonic Cocktail

Garnish: Lemon and lime wedge

Glass: Highball

How to make the Gin & Tonic Cocktail

Add the gin to a highball glass and fill with fresh ice. Top with tonic water. Squeeze the lemon and lime wedges into the drink, drop into the glass and stir.

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  1. What? You never stir a Gin and Tonic. That is why they say you make a gin and tonic but you drink a tonic and gin. The flavor of the gin should get more intense as you drink it. And never let anyone make one of these for you with one of those squirt hoses. I recommend using Schwepps tonic water.


  1. […] editors even has an ad from a 1917 issue of  LIFEmagazine). However, we haven’t ever seen a  Gin & Tonic  quite that substantial. We’re certainly on the threshold of purchasing our own bottle of […]

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