Drambuie Rusty Nail

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Drambuie Rusty Nail - Whiskey Cocktail

About The Drambuie Rusty Nail Cocktail

According to cocktail historian David Wondrich, the Rusty Nail made its first appearance in 1937—and it wasn’t long before it became a classic. Don’t worry; there’s no need for a tetanus shot after drinking one of these.

Ingredients in the The Drambuie Rusty Nail Cocktail


How to make The Drambuie Rusty Nail Cocktail

Add both ingredients to a rocks glass filled with ice and stir.

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  • Vindice posted 7 months ago

    Most recipes I have seen and used for the Rusty Nail are .5 oz Drambuie to 1.5 oz Scotch. I find a full 1 to 1 a bit too sweet for my taste.

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