Death In The Afternoon

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Death In The Afternoon - Champagne Cocktail

About The Death In The Afternoon Cocktail

Champion drinker Ernest Hemingway claimed to have invented the Death in the Afternoon, a risky pairing of absinthe and Champagne, himself. His exact instructions suggested adding iced Champagne to a jigger of absinthe until it attained “the proper opalescent milkiness,” then proceeding to drink three to five of the cocktails in one sitting.

Ingredients in the The Death In The Afternoon Cocktail

1.5 oz
4.5 oz


How to make The Death In The Afternoon Cocktail

Pour the absinthe into a Champagne flute or coupe.

Top with the Champagne.

Cocktail Profile

Flavor: Bubbly

Base Spirit:
Cocktail Type:

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