Chile Fresca

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Chile Fresca - Tequila Cocktail

About The Chile Fresca Cocktail

Red bell pepper is an unusual ingredient, but it works well in this sweet-and-spicy tequila cocktail.

Ingredients in the The Chile Fresca Cocktail

Ground chile de arbol
6 slices
6 slices
Red bell pepper
.75 oz
Fresh lemon juice
.75 oz
Agave nectar
3 dashes
Angostura bitters
Gosling's Ginger Beer


How to make The Chile Fresca Cocktail

Combine equal parts of chile de arbol and salt on a saucer and use to coat the rim of a Collins glass.

Fill with ice and set aside.

In a shaker, muddle the cucumber, bell pepper and lemon juice.

Add the tequila, agave nectar and bitters, and fill with ice.

Shake, and strain into the prepared glass.

Top with ginger beer and garnish with slices of cucumber and red bell pepper.

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  • Ryan posted 4 years ago

    This drink turned out exceptionally well when I made it. It would go great with a savory appetizer or entree. something with spice, or even a fiesta style brunch.

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