Cable Car

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Cable Car - Rum Cockail

About The Cable Car Cocktail

Try this modern San Francisco classic.

Ingredients in the The Cable Car Cocktail

.5 tsp
Ground cinnamon
.5 cp
Lemon wedge
1.5 oz
Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
.75 oz
Marie Brizard Orange Curaçao
.5 oz
Simple syrup (one part sugar, one part water)
1 oz
Lemon juice


How to make The Cable Car Cocktail

Stir together the cinnamon and sugar in a wide-mouthed bowl or on a saucer.

Rub the rim of a chilled cocktail glass with the lemon wedge and dip in the cinnamon-sugar mixture to coat.

Set aside.

Add the remaining ingredients to a shaker and fill with ice.

Shake, and strain into the prepared glass and garnish with an orange spiral.

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Discussion (3)

  • davey1107 posted 7 months ago

    I tested this at a weekly dinner party. My guests really liked's a nice modern variant on a tiki drink. We did up the liquor totally deserves something a little more top shelf.

  • davey1107 posted 7 months ago

    My guests all enjoyed this drink. It's certainly a cousin to tiki cocktails. A high quality orange curaçao is a must (I use Ferrand); a bottom shelf triple sec would make this a terrible drink. And speaking of terrible...Captain Morgan. We upped the rum to something drinkable. I first experimented with an Appleton, which created a very nice cocktail. I secondly tried a Zaya, which I struggle to find a cocktail use for owing to its deep caramel notes. The cinnamon and lemon played off the Zaya quite well, and produced a complex, thoroughly enjoyable drink.

  • davey1107 posted 8 months ago

    An excellent cocktail that got universal positive reviews from my guests. I'd give it a solid 4.0 of 5 stars. It isn't as profound a mix as a lot of the 60's cocktails it's based on (notably the quite similar Trader Vic Mai Tai), but it holds its own and offers a unique flavor blend to add to the repertoire.

    Using a high quality curaçao is a must - I stock Pierre Ferrand. CM rum is a bit out of favor (because it's not good). I experimented with Appleton V/X, my standard base gold rum for testing...this was a good mix. I also experimented with Zaya, a 12 yr Trinidad blend my guests often bring as a gift. Zaya has been a challenge to find suitable cocktails outside a swizzle, owing to its deep caramel and vanilla notes. This was a great drink for that rum, and will probably be my go-to if I have a Zaya surplus.

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