Black Velvet

Black Velvet Cocktail

Base Spirit: Beer

Type: Classics

Served: Neat/Up

Strength: Medium

Difficulty: Simple

Flavor Profile: Bitter, Sweet

About the Black Velvet Cocktail

High-class meets working-class.

Ingredients in the Black Velvet Cocktail

  • Guinness Beer
  • Champagne (or sparkling wine)

Glass: Highball

How to make the Black Velvet Cocktail

Fill a highball glass halfway with beer. Pouring over a spoon into the glass, fill to the top with Champagne.

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  1. Marius Donnelly says

    On Black Velvets, because of the carbonation in the Sparkling wine, its easier to add the guinness to a 1/2 glass of sparkling than the other way around. The spoon only is useful if you want to float guinness, it won’t help with the heavier(sweeter)wine!

    After you get a massive moussey head, try our way!


  1. […] 3. Black Velvet Stout beer and champagne mixed together might sound like a cocktail fumble, but this two-ingredient beer-based beverage is a winner. You know what they say, opposites attract. […]

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