Bayou Bloody Mary

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Bayou Bloody Mary - Vodka Cocktail

About The Bayou Bloody Mary Cocktail

An extra-spicy Bloody Mary gets a crawfish-tail garnish for New Orleans flair.

Ingredients in The Bayou Bloody Mary Cocktail

1.5 oz
6 oz
Tomato juice
5 drops
Tabasco Sauce
3 drops
Worcestershire sauce
1 pinch
Prepared horseradish
1 pinch
Celery salt
1 pinch
Ground black pepper
1 dash
Lemon juice


How to make The Bayou Bloody Mary Cocktail

Add all the ingredients to a pint glass and fill with ice.

Stir, and garnish with four spiced pickled string beans, two olives and four crawfish tails.

Other Information

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  • subina posted 2 years ago

    Instead of Tabasco, try El Yucateca Habanero Green. In addition to the pickled beans, when I was in New Orleans, a breakfast place served the Mary in a goblet with a hot red cherry pepper, pickled okra pickled asparagus and tomato. Salad with andouille and eggs.

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