Basil Hayden’s Last Stand

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Basil Hayden's Last Stand - Whiskey Cocktail

About The Basil Hayden’s Last Stand Cocktail

Subtle hints of lemon and absinthe accentuate this bourbon cocktail.

Ingredients in the The Basil Hayden’s Last Stand Cocktail

.25 oz
4 dashes
Lemon wedge
Club soda


How to make The Basil Hayden’s Last Stand Cocktail

Add the absinthe to a pint glass and swirl to thoroughly coat the glass.

Discard any excess absinthe and add the bourbon and bitters.

Squeeze the lemon wedge into the glass and drop it in.

Fill three-quarters of the way with ice and stir swiftly for 20 seconds.

Top with soda.

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