Baileys Toasted Almond Brittle

Baileys Toasted Almond Brittle Cocktail

Base Spirit: Liqueurs

Type: Modern Classics

Served: Neat/Up

Preparation: Shaken

Strength: Light

Difficulty: Complicated

Flavor Profile: Creamy, Sweet

About the Baileys Toasted Almond Brittle Cocktail

Enjoy a little crunch with the smooth taste of Baileys.

Ingredients in the Baileys Toasted Almond Brittle Cocktail

Glass: Martini

How to make the Baileys Toasted Almond Brittle Cocktail

Mix equal parts honey and warm water in a small bowl and stir until dissolved. Place crushed almonds onto a small plate. Dip the rim of a Martini glass into the honey water and then into the crushed almonds and set aside. Add the remaining ingredients to a shaker and fill with ice. Shake well and strain into the prepared glass.

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  1. Terry B. says

    Maybe I don’t get it?!I’ve only had Bailey’s straight out of the bottle,as an after-dinner drink.As far as I’m concerned,it tastes great by itself.Why do we have to make it taste like fruit,or a different flavor that it isn’t? Oh well,that’s what makes the Good Ol’USA the way it is!!!Hey,drive sober,pull over if you’ve had to much,but,most of all,BE SAFE. Your neighbor from Tucson,Arizona

  2. This sounds amazing! I will absolutely try this recipe. Thanks!

  3. Just made two of these and they were very good! Look at the ingredients and what’s not to like? We did add a little extra Hazelnut and Vanilla liqueur because the taste was all Baileys, which seemed to overpower the drink. I would recommend this drink for sure.

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