Baileys Mocha Monkey

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Baileys Mocha Monkey - Irish Cream Cocktail

About The Baileys Mocha Monkey Cocktail

This cocktail is bananas. B-A-N-A…you get where this is going.

Ingredients in the The Baileys Mocha Monkey Cocktail

Chocolate syrup
1 scoop
Vanilla ice cream (softened)
Banana, peeled and sliced


How to make The Baileys Mocha Monkey Cocktail

Swirl the inside of a highball glass with chocolate syrup.

Add the remaining ingredients to a blender and fill with ice.

Blend until smooth and pour into the prepared glass.

Garnish with a banana slice and 3 coffee beans.

Spirits used in The Baileys Mocha Monkey Cocktail

Cocktail Profile

Flavor: Creamy, Sweet

Base Spirit:
Cocktail Type:

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Discussion (3)

  • nicole posted 2 years ago

    this looks and sound good cant wait to try it

  • Hank posted 4 years ago

    My fav drink with Baileys is a baby Guinness. You fill a shot glass about 3/4 with tia maria and then top it with Baileys. Delicious. Use a small spoon to kinda trickle the Baileys on top so that it looks like a tiny pint of the black stuff

  • Kelly posted 4 years ago

    Sounds delicious.

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