Liquor Brands & Spirits

We’ve compiled an extensive library of information about an array of liquor brands and spirits. Whether you're reading about a favorite bourbon or a new craft gin, you just might learn a thing or two.


The Green Fairy has fascinated drinkers for centuries. What is absinthe and how should you drink it? Find out here.
Learn More About Absinthe

Bourbon & American Whiskey

Bourbon & Tennessee Whiskey entail both timeless favorites and exciting new craft brands.
Learn More About Bourbon & American Whiskey


Have a drink, eh? Try these tasty spirits from our neighbor to the north.
Learn More About Canadian Whisky


This velvety spirit is the most famous variety of brandy and is named for the area in France where it must be produced.
Learn More About Cognac


From the classic Martini to the refreshing Tom Collins, gin is a spirit is designed for mixing.
Learn More About Gin


Love Jameson, Bushmills or one of their many Irish-whiskey cousins? Say sláinte to this tasty spirit from the Emerald Isle.
Learn More About Irish Whiskey


With hundreds of years of history, the sugar-cane spirit is experiencing a revival. Read up on the best rums from around the world.
Learn More About Rum


This spicy spirit almost disappeared, but it's on a major upswing lately. Delicious rye whiskey is a must for lots of classic cocktails.
Learn More About Rye Whiskey


Whether it’s made in the Speyside highlands or on the island of Islay, Scotch whisky is an international favorite.
Learn More About Scotch


It’s good for much more than just Margaritas or tequila shots. This complex Mexican spirit is amazingly versatile.
Learn More About Tequila


This ubiquitous spirit is by far America’s most popular, but vodka isn’t completely neutral. Discover all vodka’s subtle differences.
Learn More About Vodka


Mezcal, like its cousin tequila, is made from smoked agave, which is part of the asparagales botanical order.
Learn More About Mezcal


The most varied and versatile category of spirits is arguably liqueurs.
Learn More About Liqueur


Popular across the globe—from Japan to the United States—this spirit is as varied in style as the places where it is drunk.
Learn More About Whiskey


A range of fruits, from grapes to apples, is the base for these sophisticated spirits. Discover the differences between cognac, pisco, and more.
Learn More About Brandy


The world would be a lot less interesting without vermouth. You wouldn’t be able to make a Dry Martini or countless other cocktails.
Learn More About Vermouth


Though sometimes called Brazilian rum, Cachaça isn't made quite the same way as its tropical relative.
Learn More About Cachaça


Where pisco was invented is a mystery, but at least everyone agrees the South American brandy makes great cocktails.
Learn More About Pisco

Apéritif Wine

Like an appetizer, the possibilities with apéritif wines are endless and will leave you hungry for more.
Learn More About Apéritif Wine
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