Best Bars in America

Whether we’re in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles or London, one of our favorite things to do is drink delicious cocktails. So no matter if you’re exploring your own city or visiting another, check out our bar guides for the world’s best watering holes. Cheers!
  • Boston


    Founded in 1630 by English Puritans who loaded their ships with more beer than water, Boston is one of the country’s oldest cities and has a rich drinking history to match. Here are some tippling spots to hit the next time you’re in Beantown.

    Boston Bar Guide »
  • Charleston, S.C.

    Charleston, S.C.

    The historic Southern town is home to a thriving food scene as well as some watering holes with incredible drinks. Here’s where you should go for fantastic meals and excellent tipples in the Holy City.

    Charleston Bar Guide »
  • Chicago


    While famously home to notorious bootlegger, speakeasy boss and career gangster Al Capone, Chicago’s drinking culture has come a long way since Prohibition. Try one of these must-visit establishments in Chi-town.

    Chicago Bar Guide »
  • Dallas


    Dallas boasts a thriving bar scene and its very own cocktail week. Here are a few spots to check out during your next visit.

    Dallas Bar Guide »
  • Denver and Boulder

    Denver and Boulder

    Thanks to Coors and more than 100 craft breweries, Colorado has developed a reputation as a serious beer state. But a bustling cocktail scene is emerging as well in Denver and nearby Boulder.

    Denver and Boulder Bar Guide »
  • Honolulu


    Visit any Hawaiian resort and you’re sure to see sunbathers sipping frozen tropical drinks. While bars serving these “island” concoctions are still very popular, there are also a host of Oahu establishments that have taken their cocktail programs to the next level.

    Honolulu Bar Guide »
  • Houston


    As the old adage says, everything is bigger in Texas. And that’s certainly true of the bar scene in the state’s largest city. Our spirited tour of Houston covers watering holes of all kinds.

    Houston Bar Guide »
  • Las Vegas

    Las Vegas

    No need to roll the dice when it comes to drinking in Sin City. We got a pair of local cocktail experts to tell us their favorite bars.

    Las Vegas Bar Guide »
  • Los Angeles

    Los Angeles

    The ‘40s and ‘50s were the height of Los Angeles’ cocktail culture, but more than half a century later, a new group of bartenders has put LA back on the mixology map.

    Los Angeles Bar Guide »
  • Louisville


    Traveling the Kentucky Bourbon Trail? We got a local spirits expert to tell us his favorite bars in Louisville.

    Louisville Bar Guide »
  • Miami


    Once better known for its nightclubs than for craft cocktails, Miami is now home to a number of establishments serving quality drinks.

    Miami Bar Guide »
  • New York

    New York

    Pioneering Big Apple establishments kick-started the cocktail revolution. But New York’s thirst for great drinks is seemingly bottomless, and a new generation of fine bars has recently opened. Here are a few you should check out in between tipples at the usual suspects.

    New York Bar Guide »
  • Philadelphia


    Philadelphia is one of America’s oldest cities and befittingly has one of the most historic bar scenes. But this is a living history: Check out our list of the City of Brotherly Love’s many fine modern cocktail bars.

    Philadelphia Bar Guide »
  • Portland, Ore.

    Portland, Ore.

    For a relatively small city, Portland, Ore., is a big cocktail town. It boasts almost a dozen artisanal distilleries, several famous bartenders and, of course, many fine watering holes. This is definitely a place with plenty to do on a rainy day.

    Portland Bar Guide »
  • San Francisco

    San Francisco

    No matter if you’re looking for a fancy hotel bar, a tiki haven or a craft-cocktail den, San Francisco has it. That’s not to mention its fair share of lovely dives. The Bay Area is now blessed with an exceptional selection of watering holes.

    San Francisco Bar Guide »
  • Seattle


    Seattle is famous for its steady rain, fresh-roasted coffee and grunge music scene. But there’s one more thing that the city should be known for: cocktails. You may be sleepless in Seattle, but you’ll never be thirsty. Here are some of our favorite places to get a drink.

    Seattle Bar Guide »
  • Washington, D.C.

    Washington, D.C.

    In Washington, the only thing that Democrats, Republicans and even independents can agree on is drinking. Here are a few establishments to visit the next time you’re inside the Beltway.

    Washington, D.C., Bar Guide »
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