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Thirsty? We have hundreds and hundreds of delicious cocktail recipes from expert bartenders around the world. No matter if you're looking for a classic cocktail, a punch for a party or an original concoction, we have a cocktail recipe for every taste and occasion. What are you waiting for? Start mixing!

Iz Bananaz - Cachaça Cocktail

Iz Bananaz

Try this zippy, cachaça-based banana drink.

Cafe Panama - Rum Cocktail

Cafe Panama

This coffee-chocolate-rum drink is tasty hot or cold.

Ten Negroni - Gin Cocktail

Ten Negroni

This gin classic (and bartender favorite) is bitter and sweet.


Café Corrección Ponche

This rum punch plays off cold-brew coffee’s bright orange-peel and spice flavors.

Neighborhood Negroni - Gin Cocktail

Neighborhood Negroni

It would be rude not to introduce yourself to the neighborhood with this delightful Negroni recipe.

Emerald Isle of the Caribbean - Rum Cocktail

Emerald Isle of the Caribbean

The classic Irish Coffee goes tiki with this hot cocktail.

Grand Coffee - Warm Cocktail

Grand Coffee

A spot of coffee never sounded so good.

Blood Orange Margarita - Tequila Cocktail

Blood Orange Margarita

Blood orange juice and Campari transform the classic Margarita cocktail.

Rose-Colored Glass - Sparkling Wine Cocktail

Rose-Colored Glass

Bring some romance to your glass with this easy, bubbly cocktail.


Set the New Year on Fire

This New Year's Eve-inspired libation comes with all the pyrotechnics.

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