Editorial Policy

Here at Liquor.com, we take our content, readers and drinking, well, very seriously. All of our articles and cocktail recipes are carefully chosen by our editorial team. Liquor.com does not accept payment or any form of kickback for any of the content we write about in our stories. No one can pay to be featured in an article written by Liquor.com; that’s what advertising is for. Liquor.com may occasionally send out emails featuring products or offerings from our sponsors; when paid for, these emails will always be explicitly labeled as such.

Your trust and confidence in our editorial integrity and also our point of view on the products, services and offerings that we highlight are of the greatest importance to us. Furthermore, you need to know that we would NEVER sell, loan or share our subscriber list to anyone. Not for any amount of money. Your information is safe with us.

Thank you for taking the time to review our policies. Please continue to enjoy the information and content we bring you.



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