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Discussion (11)

  • Richard Kirschman posted 1 week ago

    I understand that there are vodkas with an alcoholic content of just 24%.

    Can you help me with their brand names and/or how to find them?

    Thank you,

  • vodkaboss posted 1 month ago

    Monte Carlo Vodka makes me want to believe.
    Allow me to preface that statement. About a year ago, I wrote an article talking about why absolut vodka is so popular. Why is any vodka popular?
    Marketing. In my experience tasting, sampling, and reviewing vodka, marketing plays an even larger role in the vodka niche. Why? Because the product you’re selling is by definition “tasteless” and “odorless”. It’s hard to tell the difference between brands. As a vodka connoisseur, I can understand this. So the marketing machines of big money companies force you to only know their brand.
    So when an unknown great tasting vodka comes along, it makes me want to believe that there is still room in this industry for just real, clean, good tasting vodka to break out and steal the show. Well, let me tell you, Monte Carlo Vodka is one of those vodkas that has the potential to do just that.
    Monte Carlo Vodka is a relatively unknown vodka that is trying to make a name for itself. Located in the heart of the world famous Cognac region of France, Monte Carlo uses only the best cereal grains from the Champagne Belt. There is a certain quality assurance the consumer gets knowing that this vodka comes from such an esteemed region. 9 times distilled and 7 times filtered, Monte Carlo Vodka may have hit a sweet spot with their product.

  • khowar69gmailcom137048280 posted 2 months ago

    I'm a Ciroc die hard fan. One of my pet peeve is to open my Ciroc and not having to fight to open the bottle. I've found that many bottles are so tight not even an human hand can turn the cap to crack the cap open. Be a little more careful not to tighten that cap that you have to take a pair of vise grips to open the bottle please.. Thanks P.S. Love the new Apple flavor Ciroc:) Nice!!!!

  • fjeckmangmailcom1286286544 posted 2 months ago

    When I go into My Profile there is a tab that indicates "MY BOTTLES", but it does not give me the option to ADD My Bottles. Can anyone tell me how to do so.
    Rum Jay

  • dontwanttodothis posted 2 months ago

    Having to enter my email and create a login and profile for you site is a painful way to get one recipe.

  • posted 2 months ago

    necesito comprar el amarreto, donde lo puedo comprar en Ohio alguien me puede decir.

  • posted 2 months ago

    hello me gustaria saber donde puedo comprar el licor de amarreto marca Arrow aqui en Ohio.

  • LEONARD.JG posted 4 months ago


  • julesybabe posted 7 months ago

    The videos aren't working.

  • classiquemodeling posted 8 months ago

    Hello my name is Amanda the ceo of an upcoming entertainment company and I wanted my models to do a promo shoot with your liquor in Orlando being that you guys are generating everywhere but Orlando so how how I go about doing that.

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