’s Guide to Memorial Day Cocktails

In between snowstorms and bouts of freezing rain, for months we’ve dreamt about Memorial Day and bright sunshine. Well, finally, the holiday weekend is around the corner. Whether you’re going away or throwing a party, here are some delicious cocktail recipes to fix, plus our bourbon barbecue sauce from top chef Adam Perry Lang. Now let’s head outside!
  • Canadian Punch Canadian Punch

    This drink recipe first appeared in Jerry Thomas’ seminal 1862 The Bon Vivant’s Companion.

  • Mount Gay Rum Punch Mount Gay Rum Punch

    This old-timey favorite will keep a whole houseful of guests satisfied.

  • Pimm’s Cup Pimm’s Cup

    This quintessential British summertime drink is filled with fruit.

  • Strawberry Daiquiri Strawberry Daiquiri

    The classic Daiquiri may have started as a simple combination of rum, lime juice and simple syrups, but this fruit-filled and frozen variation turns it into the ultimate warm-weather refresher. So the next time you're feeling he heat, cool down with this frosty rum concoction.

  • Brazilian Sangria Brazilian Sangria

    Take a trip south of the Equator with this tasty Sangria.

  • Gourmet Shot: Spiked Barbecue Sauce Gourmet Shot: Spiked Barbecue Sauce

    Punch up your BBQ with some bourbon.

  • Cocktails Al Fresco Cocktails Al Fresco

    Kick off your summer early by mixing up these delicious and refreshing drinks.

  • Mixing up Sunshine Mixing up Sunshine

    Celebrate spring and the long Memorial Day weekend with these refreshing cocktails from a pair of talented mixologists.

  • Behind the Drink: The Tom Collins Behind the Drink: The Tom Collins

    The story of who actually created this classic and enduring summer cocktail.

  • Boston Rum Punch Boston Rum Punch

    This delicious mix of rum and lemonade is a Beantown classic.

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