's Guide to the Kentucky Derby

Like a thoroughbred thundering down the track, the Kentucky Derby is just around the corner. So dig out your best Derby hat and check out our guide to Kentucky Derby drinks that includes some of our favorite bourbon articles and cocktail recipes—including several Mint Juleps, of course. No matter which horse you’re rooting for, you’ll feel like a winner.
  • Derby Day Derby Day

    Mix up the Mint Julep three different ways.

  • Horseplay Horseplay

    Love the Kentucky Derby? Fix these classic equestrian cocktails from talented bartender and advisory board member Allen Katz.

  • Winner’s-Circle Whiskies Winner’s-Circle Whiskies

    Enjoy these American-made spirits while you watch the Kentucky Derby.

  • Behind the Bar: Summer Juleps Behind the Bar: Summer Juleps

    Master mixologist and advisory board member Dale DeGroff explores the history of these refreshing and cooling concoctions.

  • Cheat Sheet: Bourbon Cheat Sheet: Bourbon

    How to quickly find a new whiskey you’ll love.

  • Cognac Mint Julep Cognac Mint Julep

    Make this classic the old-fashioned way, with French brandy.

  • 1792 Kentucky White Dog Julep 1792 Kentucky White Dog Julep

    In honor of the state’s 220th anniversary, advisory board member David Wondrich created this refreshing Bluegrass tipple.

  • Bourbon Manhattan Bourbon Manhattan

    You don't need to be in the five boroughs to enjoy this sophisticated tipple.

  • Bourbon Old Fashioned Bourbon Old Fashioned

    It's been said that the original cocktail contains sugar, bitters, whiskey and water. This variation, made by cocktail legend Dale Degroff, adds muddled fruit and soda water for a lighter, fruitier taste.

  • Fashionable Manhattan Fashionable Manhattan

    This delicious bourbon cocktail is what happens when a Manhattan and an Old Fashioned hang out together.

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