Zacapa Rum

Zacapa RumZacapa Rum Bottle
Zacapa Rum Bottle


About Zacapa Rum

Founder: The Botran family
Year Founded: 1976
Distillery Location: Tulula, Guatemala
Master Distiller / Blender: Lorena Vásquez, Master Distiller

Zacapa Rum Essential Facts

  • Zacapa’s rum is aged in warehouses 8,000 feet above sea level where the temperature is about 62 degrees year round. Master Distiller Lorena Vásquez calls the facility the “house above the clouds.”
  • While most rums are made from molasses, Zacapa is produced from fresh crushed sugarcane.

How you should drink Zacapa Rum

Types of Zacapa Rum Available

  • Zacapa 23
  • Zacapa XO

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  1. My favorite bartender introduced me to Zacapa this summer…before she left town. Best rum ever. Rum is my liquor of choice, but because of the unavailability of higher quality brands in bars, I tend to drink vodka and Canadian whiskey when I’m out. However, wherever I can find Zacapa, I’m drinking.

  2. I tell that. But dont drink

  3. If you drink this with cola you should be shot. Zaya is also a very good rum.

  4. Patricia Merrill says

    Now I can’t wait to try it!

  5. I agree with the comment below. This should not be drank with cola. Any mixing of this drink should not wash out the flavor. It is such a good rum, that it is easily enjoyed straight.

  6. says

    I agree with “j” – but a little less dramatic – no need to shoot someone for mixing it with coke. A good (verbal) beating would be enough. Maybe. :)

  7. Ola Olsson says

    I have in love with Ron Zacapa since i lived a short while in Guatemala back in 2005. An let me start by saying that in comes in 4 versions; the 15yo, 23yo, the XO you refer to here I assume would be the 25yo. Also known as Ron Zacapa Centenario XO Solera Gran Reserva Especial. Then when I was back to visit friends in 2008 I visited the office of Ron Botran at the Villa los añejos in guate city. I there picked up a couple bottle RON ZACAPA 30 ANIVERSARIO (same style bottle as the XO but with a blue lable).

    In my opinion the 15yo and 25yo are very nice decent rums, while the 23yo was the best and most balanced rum I ever had before the 30yo caught me by surprise.

    One really needs to put all four of them on a row and feel there differences. I don’t know what Lorena and the others do up there in the mountains but pure gold is what comes out in them bottles.

    I live in Sweden and since a year or so back, the 23yo have been showing up in better bars here in Stockholm and of course the bar Sjögräs (seaweed) always had it amongs many other good ones. I love it when it’s available for everyone. But good times it shore was when I had a bunch of botellas and not everyone;)

  8. Tom Shimko says

    If you mix the 23 year old rum with cola you should be shot. It should be drunk neat or on some ice. One of the best rums going

  9. My friend brought over a bottle last weekend and changed my whold outlook on Rum. We sipped it all afternoon on the rocks. The best I’ve ever had. I keep two bottles in the liquor cabinet in case a friend comes over.

  10. I bought a bottle of 23 at the advice of a friend and brought it to a BBQ and it was the rave of the party. Now it will be a mainstay in out liquor rotation. lol

  11. Zacapa 23 the best rum in the world)

  12. I’m not a rum guy, but once I tried Zacapa and was completely different to all rums I had before. Its the best alcoholic drink I’ve ever had

  13. Rene van Hoven says

    Everybody should drink his drink the way he likes it! But I prefer simle White Rum in my coke. Zacapa I drink straight. I love it so much I even wrote a book about it. Read it and you will never drink it with coke again.

  14. Get Zaya, ten times better.

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