Woodford Reserve Bourbon

woodford-reserve-bourbonWoodford Reserve Bourbon
Woodford Reserve Bourbon

About Woodford Reserve Bourbon

Founder: Brown-Forman
Year Founded: 1996
Distillery Location: Versailles, Kentucky

Visitor Center:

7855 McCracken Pike
Versailles, KY
Tel: 859 879 1812

Master Distiller / Blender: Chris Morris, Master Distiller

Woodford Reserve Bourbon Essential Facts

  • Since 1996, Woodford Reserve has been the official bourbon of the Kentucky Derby and it produces a specially-designed, limited-edition bottle each year for the horserace.
  • The brand’s picturesque stone distillery dates back to 1838 and is a National Historic Landmark.

How you should drink Woodford Reserve Bourbon

Types of Woodford Reserve Bourbon Available

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  1. Jon Morrison says

    I keep a bottle in the freezer. It’s great. Drink it without ice.

  2. this is the only bourbon I will drink and I truely enjoy it. I also kee a bottle in the freezer to enjoy ice cold. I just bought and tried the double oaked edition and it is fantastic, I will have to get their new “sweet mash” on my next trip to my favorite liquor store he has all the better products.

  3. Look behind any well stocked, top end bar. You will find 80% of the Liquor there to be Vodka. 10% Tequila, and the remaining Scotch and Bourbon. I do not understand what the younger generation sees in drinking a spirit that really has no taste to it.

  4. jas henson says

    People usually tend to lean more towards vodka because this is a new generation of wimps. Drinking no longer is for the “sipper” but more for those wanting a quick buzz. I tried vodka once and I don’t see the difference in it or a bottle of rubbing alcohol. (facepalm)


  1. “Whiskey has gone through a kind of metamorphosis in the last several years. I think as the baby boomers age, and the gen x’ers have entered parenthood, they are looking for something a little unique… To me there is a lot of variety even within each mash style, so you will need to do some experimentation, but for a basic starting point this is a good list.”

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