Woodford Reserve Bourbon

woodford-reserve-bourbonWoodford Reserve Bourbon
Woodford Reserve Bourbon

About Woodford Reserve Bourbon

Founder: Brown-Forman
Year Founded: 1996
Distillery Location: Versailles, Kentucky

Visitor Center:

7855 McCracken Pike
Versailles, KY
Tel: 859 879 1812

Master Distiller / Blender: Chris Morris, Master Distiller

Woodford Reserve Bourbon Essential Facts

  • Since 1996, Woodford Reserve has been the official bourbon of the Kentucky Derby and it produces a specially-designed, limited-edition bottle each year for the horserace.
  • The brand’s picturesque stone distillery dates back to 1838 and is a National Historic Landmark.

How you should drink Woodford Reserve Bourbon

Types of Woodford Reserve Bourbon Available

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  1. Jon Morrison says

    I keep a bottle in the freezer. It’s great. Drink it without ice.

  2. this is the only bourbon I will drink and I truely enjoy it. I also kee a bottle in the freezer to enjoy ice cold. I just bought and tried the double oaked edition and it is fantastic, I will have to get their new “sweet mash” on my next trip to my favorite liquor store he has all the better products.

  3. Woodford Reserve Bourbon, is my number 1 drink, its smooth, goes down well, my 5 sisters all drink it, i have try a few bourbons and woodford u can’t beat it, i’ll recommend this bourbon to anyone that drinks bourbon and my son is coming from Aussie, hes picking me up a bottle at the DUTY FREE, can’t wait………yeah

  4. Look behind any well stocked, top end bar. You will find 80% of the Liquor there to be Vodka. 10% Tequila, and the remaining Scotch and Bourbon. I do not understand what the younger generation sees in drinking a spirit that really has no taste to it.

  5. jas henson says

    People usually tend to lean more towards vodka because this is a new generation of wimps. Drinking no longer is for the “sipper” but more for those wanting a quick buzz. I tried vodka once and I don’t see the difference in it or a bottle of rubbing alcohol. (facepalm)


  1. “Whiskey has gone through a kind of metamorphosis in the last several years. I think as the baby boomers age, and the gen x’ers have entered parenthood, they are looking for something a little unique… To me there is a lot of variety even within each mash style, so you will need to do some experimentation, but for a basic starting point this is a good list.”

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