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From the brand

VEEV® was created as a better alternative to vodka in 2007, crafted to satisfy the consumer’s desire for better cocktails. The smooth-tasting spirit is distilled from winter wheat and infused with all-natural, organic açai (ah-SIGH-ee) berries from Brazil to create “a better way to drink™”.
VEEV is the world’s first carbon neutral spirits company, embracing a corporate social responsibility to create a better world. A member of 1% for the Planet™, VEEV gives back 1% of total sales each year to charitable causes.

About VEEV Spirit

Founder: Carter Reum & Courtney Reum
Year Founded: 2007
Distillery Location: Rigby, Idaho
Master Distiller / Blender: Distilled Resources, Inc.

VEEV Spirit Essential Facts

  • VEEV is a neutral grain spirit distilled from Idaho Winter Wheat and infused with all-natural, organic acai from Brazil.
  • VEEV is proud to be the first carbon neutral spirits brand and is an active member of 1% of the Planet® where 1% of VEEV’s sales are donated to Rainforest Preservation and environmental causes.
  • Founded by brothers Courtney Reum and Carter Reum in Los Angeles in 2007, VeeV has grown from a two-man start-up into one of the best-selling independent liquor brands in the U.S., and was ranked amongst the 250 fastest growing companies and brands in the U.S. by Inc. Magazine (September 2011).

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