Tito's Handmade Vodka

Tito's Handmade Texas Vodka

About Tito's Handmade Vodka

Tito Beveridge
Year Founded:
Distillery Location:
Austin, Texas
Master Distiller / Blender:
Tito Beveridge
Types of Spirits Made:

Tito's Handmade Vodka Essential Facts

  • Founder Tito Beveridge holds degrees in geology and geophysics and worked for many years in the oil-and-gas industry before starting the brand.
  • The brand was awarded Texas’ first distilling license.

How you should drink Tito's Handmade Vodka

  • Straight



  • JT posted 3 months ago

    Tito's is a high quality vodka because Tito takes the time to clean his vodka by distilling 6 times and more that I will not discuss here. If you like Tito's you will enjoy Success Vodka, a new organic wheat vodka from Oklahoma. It is made by Tito's former distiller and also distilled 6 times. Success is smoother than Tito's naturally because it is a wheat, or luxury vodka.

    Tito is a great guy who works hard to bring a quality product to the market. Until Success Vodka becomes available in your area, drink Tito's for great Martini's or mixing!

  • David M posted 1 year ago

    Really Steve...

    Ok the final distill is in texas... the other is done where???? It is no longer "hand" made in texas... the corn mash is done in what state??????

    Come on Steve do some research.

  • David M posted 1 year ago

    So for those who post that they put gluten free on the label.

    All distilled vodka in the USA even if made from wheat will be gluten free as it is the protein that is the issue... not a sugar or alcohol. A spirit which may have gluten color/flavors/add back may not be gluten free.

    Now question for those who like tito's... its final distillation is in Texas... where are the other distillations done???? Ask them... Great marketing!!!

  • aztec31 posted 2 years ago

    Just changer from Ketel One to Tito's. Sitting here at the club with a martini made with Tito's! Much more smooth.

  • Tom posted 2 years ago

    Thanks for making that important point Joe. Most of these vodka makers are simply buying 96% ABV corn alcohol (Everclear) from industrial distillers by the truckload, and after a little 'song and dance' for the sake of marketing, diluting it with water to 40% ABV and bottling it. There is no easier way to make money in this industry than adding water to someone else's alcohol and creating vodka.

    In the case of Tito's or anyone else, just ask them to show you where all the fermentation takes place, and see what kind of an answer you get. Chances are, you'll quickly realize those 12 million bottles per year aren't as 'handcrafted' as the marketing implies, especially when those 7000 gallon trucks of grain neutral spirit keep showing up behind the building.

  • W K posted 2 years ago

    A friend and I compared Tito's($30/1.75L Sweet corn), Sobieski ($17/1.75L Rye), and Luksusowa ($21/1.75L Potato) side by side in a single-blind style at room temp in uniform shot glasses. Both of us ended up picking Tito's as having the most pungent ethanol odor, followed by Sobieski and Luksusowa having the least amount of harsh ethanol punch. In terms of flavor, we both picked Luksusowa as being the easiest to handle straight - it seems to be a little sweeter and silkier than that other 2. Sobieski was sweeter up front than Tito's but both have a bit of heat/bite going down. To Tito's credit though it seems very "clean" - just like water and ethanol. However on a separate occasion, we made screwdrivers with Tito's and Sobieski. Tito's was very well hidden in the drink (a nice feature), whereas Sobieski seems to stand out a little more for some reason. The best value in my book though is Sobieski, but most enjoyable overall after a few tests was Luksusowa. Try a blind taste test with Luksusowa and Tito's; I'm willing to bet you'd choose Luksusowa.

  • Joe posted 2 years ago

    Yeah, Tito's is a nice vodka. But Melissa is 100% correct. Tito's and almost every other Texas vodka is redistilled. Almost all buy their alcohol in bulk and then redistill it. As far as I know, Tito, Deep Eddy, Dripping Springs, Enchanted Rock, Starlight, Cinco, etc... has never actually made their own alcohol. That does not mean they do not make their own vodka. It just means they start their process with bulk ethanol rather than starting from the grain. The only Texas vodka I know that is truly handcrafted from scratch is Smiths.

  • deb posted 2 years ago

    Harsh......compared to Ciroc, but Tito's is considered local where Ciroc is not.

  • Brandon posted 3 years ago

    I tried this a couple of years ago and was not that impressed. Maybe it has gotten better but I figured it would be A LOT smoother since it was distilled so many times. I found it to be quite harsh. I might try it again if I can find it in a pint size.

  • Josh posted 3 years ago

    I bought a bottle of Tito's vodka about 3 weeks ago after seeing it in the stores for some time. Tito's vodka is distilled 6 times and made from corn. Yes it does go down smooth. I got an after taste on the tongue after every drink, wasn't bad. You just have to get used to it. Try Tito's at least once ans see what you think.

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