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Tanqueray Gin


About Tanqueray Gin

Founder: Charles Tanqueray
Year Founded: 1830
Distillery Location: Scotland
Master Distiller / Blender: Tom Nichol, Master Distiller

Tanqueray Gin Essential Facts

  • Tanqueray, according to company legend, was Frank Sinatra’s favorite gin.
  • In 2000, the brand released the first super-premium gin: Tanqueray No. Ten. The spirit is flavored with juniper as well as fresh oranges, limes and grapefruits.

How you should drink Tanqueray Gin

Types of Tanqueray Gin Available

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  1. Im in love wit the tanqueray Sterling if I wanted to get special order in a different container no glass will that be a possibility.just wondering

  2. Malacca gin, on the cover photo of The Five Biggest Gin Myths, is not listed here. What is it?

    • Tanqueray recently released a limited-supply of Malacca. The brand had discontinued selling the gin more than a decade ago but in the last few years it’s become a cult favorite of bartenders and cocktail fans.


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