Stolichnaya Vodka

stoli-vodkaStolichnaya Vodka Bottle
Stolichnaya Vodka Bottle


About Stolichnaya Vodka

Year Founded: 1901
Distillery Location: Tambov, Russia

Stolichnaya Vodka Essential Facts

  • Stoli was the first brand to sell flavored and super-premium vodkas in America.
  • In the 1970s the brand was imported to the United States by Pepsi, which was able to sell its soda in the Soviet Union.

How you should drink Stolichnaya Vodka

Types of Stolichnaya Vodka Available

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  1. This vodka is high priced for what you get. Don’t try to get drunk and expect to feel good either. I recommend making one mixed drink maybe two at the most, as in one or two shots mixed. I like Sobieski vodka better because it costs less than Stolichnaya. Let’s me get a buzz with out the hangover.

  2. I have been a Stoli fan since the early ages of my drinking. I continually choose Stoli as my vodka of choice. I find Stoli to be excellent with mixers and or simply over ice. Nasdarovje!

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